What is your post meal BG target

I keep on wondering what is the normal post meal BG, some says it’s 160 below after an hour then 120 below after 2 hours… but I think I’ve read someone says it’s 120 after an hour then 100 after 2 hours… Meaning… I’m not on the right track?
Please help me on this… thanks…

My endo said that as a diabetic I could be around 145 1 1/2 hrs. post meal.

Non diabetics are under 120 after an hour and under 100 after 2 hours. That’s what I aim for. But I think if you are under 140 at ALL times, you will be fine. 140 after an hour and 120 after 2 would be considered excellent control.

It’s not specific - you aim to fall between a range, for instance, between 90 and 160.