What is your typical daily meals like?

Hey everyone,

I am on a low carb diet of 15 grams or less. Here is an example of what my meals look like:

Breakfast, I will cook up some scrambled eggs with 2 slices of Kraft Singles cheese mixed in along with some chopped onions and mushrooms and salsa over it. I also peel and eat a fresh avacado.

Lunch, I am rarely hungry enough to eat a whole meal so I have a couple of slices of cheddar cheese and a handfull of peanuts in the shell.

Dinner, I fix something like steak or chicken, or hamburger, ocasionally fish and I usually grill it. I also fix a big green salad with lettuce, spinach, a few small carrots, a slice or 2 of onion, fresh broccoli, bell peppers and I make myown dressing from olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and some apple cider vinegar. Also, I like to eat something like eggplant coated with egg, salt and pepper, fried in olive oil and ground garlic.

For snacks, I mostly eat peanuts in the shell.

That is an example of my diet, what is yours?


You’re talking about 15 carbs per meal, right? From a previous discussion when you said 15 carbs, it sounded like you meant 15 carbs per day.

Breakfast: Nut/seed granola w/ almond milk, or 2 eggs & small portion of leftover dinner veggies (I make extra at dinner to save time in the morning). Weekend breakfast: flaxseed meal/almond meal pancakes or almond meal muffins.

Lunch: Protein shake with almond milk, salad with tuna, sardines or cheese, peanut butter & raw veggies, or avocado/cream cheese/scallion/cucumber nori rolls.

Dinner: Protein & vegetables (sauteed, veggie pancakes, salad, or veggie quiche w/out crust).

Snacks: nuts–love 'em, low carb crackers (homemade) or cheese.

I meant 15 carbs per day exactly. As I said, I eat mostly veggies, meat of all kinds, cheese and creams (NO MILK…Lactose being a sugar). The only carbs I eat are mainly peanuts in the shell or other kinds of nuts. Often, I don’t even eat 15 carbs a day. I keep that as my self imposed max.

Hi Steve,

What you listed didn’t sound like 15 carbs for the day. Breakfast 2 eggs (2 carbs), 2 slices of American cheese (2 carbs), 1 avocado (5 carbs if you subtract fiber, 15 carbs if you don’t subtract fiber), so that’s 9 carbs for breakfast not counting the mushrooms, salsa & onions. The rest of your meals add up to more than 6 carbs.

I don’t eat low carb, but moderate, around 100 grams a day. Breakfast is usually eggs scrambled with chilis, onions and tomatoes and one slice of toast as well as my morning cappuchino; lunch cheese and crackers, sometimes with fruit (and less crackers), dinner varies, I really like to cook and eat different vegetarian meals. Last night I had a vegie curry with tamarind sauce which I ate with one paratha (Indian bread). Often I eat quesadillas with low carb tortillas, felafel, soups, etc. I don’t snack at all.

Can you share the recipe for low carb crackers?

For breakfast I alternate nut granola, fruit and homemade yogurt, smoothie made with nut milk and fruit, eggs or almond flour pancakes.

My mainstay for lunch is a hearty salad. I do a combination of
one vegetable (cabbage/spinach/sunflower greens/grated cabbage/shredded broccoli or cauliflower)
one fruit (apple/pear/blueberry)
one nut (hazelnut/pecan/walnut)
one bean or pulse (sprouted raw lentils/ sprouted raw adzuki beans/black beans/garbanzos)
Homemade dressing
This fills me up enough to not need a snack.

For dinner I might do another salad or else have fish, eggs or chicken with vegetables.
I don’t eat red meat and try to limit the dairy so don’t eat much cheese.

Snacks and desserts are hard but I bake cookies, pies and muffins with coconut, almond flour or flax seed meal.

Hi Libby,

The easiest crackers are just shredded cheese baked. The parmesan cracker recipe I like is grated parmesan (not the powdery stuff) baked in the oven for about 5 minutes, or you could microwave them. Very crispy.

Here’s one & almost zero carbs

Mix I cup golden flaxseed meal, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 TBS garlic powder with 1 cup water. Let sit 10-12 min. Either use parchment paper or spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray. Form into rounds (very thin is be best) & bake 250 oven for 2-3 hours. Add poppy or sesame seeds for more flavor. Or, you can add cinnamon & sweetener for sweet ones.


For breakfast it usually egg whites with fat free cheddar cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, and sometimes either turkey sausgae or canadian bacon.

lunch is usually a sandwich with sandwich thins, turkey or chicken lunchmeat, a slice of fat free cheese, dill pickles, and mustard

dinner right now is a lean cuisine or smart ones frozen meal as I am trying to lose weight, along with a green giant just for one broccoli (or cauliflower or broccoli/carrots), and occassionally another sandwich thin.

snack is either jello prepackaged chocolate mousse or pillsbury brownie minis.

When I refer to carbs, they are strait carbs, not complex ones. The kind of carbs I refer to that I don’t eat are things like breads, crackers, or even sugars. I just stick to the eggs, meat, veggies and cheeses. The things I do eat are mainly proteins and fiber, or if they are carbs, they are complex and slow to break down, giving the insulin of the body plenty of time to break it down, not like bread or sugar based carbs.

It’s misleading & incorrect to state you’re eating 15 carbs a day or less when you’re not. Depending on the carb count for the mushrooms, salsa & onions in your breakfast, you’re probably eating around 15 carbs for breakfast alone.

Carbs are carbs when you’re telling people your daily carb intake. Healthier & better to stick to the items you mentioned, but it’s not accurate regarding your daily count.

For breakfast:: 2 egg omelet with chicken, mushroom, bell peppers, cheese and onions with a piece of cinnamon toast
Lunch: Caesar salad with shredded turkey
Dinner: Grilled chicken/steak,or fish with green salad, mashed potatoes or rice. Sometimes I will cook some stir fry chicken /beef or pork with veggies.

Snacks: an apple, nuts (I love cashew and almonds), sunflower seeds, sugar-free jello, banana

Breakfast, vegtable juice, usually 4 carrots, one apple, handfull of Kale and parsley, half a cucumber, tablespoon of wheatgrass. It varies depending on what I have on hand. Then in an hour a bowl of Oatmeal with skim milk w/ tsp of sugar.
Lunch, Usually a sandwich on whole wheat, PB&J or meat. Glass of Skim milk.

Snack, another glass of veggie juice similar to breakfast.

Supper, Fish, chicken or red meat with a sweet potato or another vegetable.

After supper, a glass of red wine.

Breakfast: Either scrambled eggs mixed with coconut milk and parmesan cheese with Bob Evans sausage (no sugar products) or a FinCrisp wafer (rye cracker) with cream cheese.

Lunch: Salmon, Tuna or Chicken mixed with Lemonnaise and dill pickle relish w/salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red-wine vinegar and marinated artichokes or in place of the salad, 2 Wasa Light Rye slices.

Snack: 1/2 granny smith or 1 oz of roasted, salted almonds

Dinner: Protein (burger, chicken, pork roast, etc) with steamed broccoli, califlower, zuchinni or my new favorite squash, spaghetti squash with butter and parmesan cheese. When my wife and I go out for dinner, I get a steak with sauteed veggies and a caesar salad or when we go to a BBQ place, I get pork or brisket with a caesar salad (no croutons) and cole slaw.

I usually have a snack around 9pm of protein and my fasting blood sugars in the morning are 15-20 points lower than when I don’t have a late night snack at all.