What keeps you going?

Cat cuddles for me…the very first thing I experience every morning…yep, even before my fasting blood sugar, Lula pokes at the covers so she can crawl underneath and cuddle me when I wake up.

Aside from my cat, I find that nature is always what soothes me and helps me regain perspective. Just watching the birds in the trees, walking along kicking dried leaves, or going to the beach or mountains. Nature is awesome.

Also my house. Not that I live anywhere fancy and I have moved a lot. But wherever I settle becomes my safe place where I can return from whatever stressors I’m experiencing to my cozy nest and feel at ease.

I have a wonderfully sweet six year old yorkie poo. He’s my everything. He loves me unconditionally and is always there when I need a pick up. He watches out for me and let’s me know when my sugars aren’t good, he licks me when I’m high and barks at me when I’m low. I didn’t train him to do this it’s just something that he knows. I guess he cares about me just as much as I care about him!

The Trucks name is "JACK LALLANE"
And My Golden Labs Name is “Snoopy”

My Golden Retriever who died a few years back was with me from 1 year old to 17. He would go wake up my parents when I was low in the middle of the night. He saved my life multiple times. He taught himself to open my bedroom door so he could go up the stairs to tell them. And He Would open it from the outside to come in and check on me. He literally used his mouth to turn the knob and would throw his body weight to open the door. He was a pure, papered, Golden Retriever. I miss him so much.

Other things that take the worry off.
Rc Cars, Trucks, And T Rex RC Helicopters
My Sister
And My Truck And Dog again

What a gorgeous truck. She is a beauty.

What keeps me going? I am enrolled in a doctoral program. It is very hard work, but getting a doctorate has always been a dream, and just staying the course is what keeps me going. In fact this evneing I have been doing school work while on vacation in Sunny FL. Let me tell you, doing homework while on vacation is a big deal and I love it.

rick phillips

Awww… I love Goldens but can’t do with the shedding… I will post a picture of my yorkie tomorrow… he’s a doll!!!

My God, my dogs, and my family and friends. I couldnt live without them all.

That is very good for you. The hard work and dedication will pay off! Hope the rest of your vaca goes awesome!!

Same here!

Well, for me it is my daughters and granddaughters…just love them to pieces. And my good friends, that are like my family. Just able to live, laugh and love is good enough for me.

Other than my family…My dogs Snowy and Candy (Both Terriers), my Beatles collections of memorabilia and my flower garden!

I deer hunt. Nothing like being out in the woods away from the office and phone at 5am and watch the world wake up. It is awesome.

For me it’s my dog, and also snowboarding in the winter. Unless I’m going low while riding, my mind is so clear and free and I don’t think about diabetes at all.

nice truck there craig…and i know exactly how you feel…cause my truck helps me forgetting 2!

My poodle mix, Abie, my grandson, Saturday nights at the bookstore with a latte.

aw- a feel good discussion!
My cat, Liar:

And my writing:

Your cat is a…errr…called Liar? Now that’s cute Marps! I wonder what people think when you call him from the outside…LOL

Lula’s brother who got lost years ago was named “Latte”. (He was Siamese and all shades of beige and brown). When I called him I always expected someone to come up and say “I’ll have one with non-fat milk and cinnamon on top!”

Teena- Yeah. We adopted her at the MSPCA when we still lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets. So, we picked her out because she was adorable and because she was so quiet and shy.
As soon as I swiped my debit card and signed my name, though, she started screaming and hasn’t shut up since.

So… she’s a Liar. :slight_smile:

I love her with all my heart tho! She’s my baby girl. I also call her, with love… “Stinks”. Because she does.