What Kind of Pump Should I Get?

Hi Tudiabetes Community!

I'm reaching out to your for your comments and insights about what kind of pump I should get next. My Medtronic Paradigm Revel 723's warranty is about to expire so I am researching who to go with next. I also use a Dexcom CGM. I think I'm most interested in an Animas pump (the Vibe is supposed to hit the US in near future) or the T-Slim.

Appreciate your comments!

I'm quite happy with the Omnipod. I like the idea of no tubing and I often forget it's even there.

Another happy Omnipodder here. I feel like the pods make me feel most like I don't have Diabetes. Many people have thought that my PDM was a cell phone and when I explain they think it's really cool - I leave my PDM in my purse or on my desk. I also use a Dexcom CGM and just stick the receiver in my pocket.

I have to admit though, I do occasionally take all of my "hardware" off just long enough to take a nice soak in a deep, hot whirlpool bath...but just for a little bit. Makes me feel normal again and ready to put my gear back on and be bionic again. :)

I use the Animas Ping. In 2012 I tried the Omnipod and didn't do well with it. I used it for five months before I gave up and bought a second Ping. I had many instances of occlusions and failed site absorption with the pod. I'm glad that I tried the pod on an upgrade option that only cost me $200 and did not count against my insurance as a new pump purchase.

The advantage of a pump like the Ping versus the Omnipod is that you can try many different infusion sets if site absorption is a problem. I experimented with the Contact Detach (metal cannula) and the Inset 6mm and 8mm sets. I settled on the Inset 6mm.

Then Vibe interests me when it comes out in the US but only if I also have a stand-alone Dex receiver to reliably hear night-time alarms.

Good luck with your selection. The only thing I don't like about the process is that once you settle on a pump that insurance has paid for, then you have to live with it for four years. That fact made it feel risky to me to choose the T-Slim last time. At the time they had in place a "no trial, no money back" return policy. I think they've moderated somewhat on that policy.

If you want a pump that is simple to set and use or to change if you need the omnipod pump is the best on the market as far as I am concerned. The only drawback is that it is a pod type so it is a bit hard to hide. I f you can live with a little bump this is pump for you. go to www.myomnipod.com and get a kit to try, see if you like it

I switched from Medtronic to a Vibe in order to take advantage of the integration with the Dexcom G4. Given your experiences (posted elsewhere on this forum) with the Medtronic and Dexcom CGM systems, you will probably want to consider the Vibe. My personal opinion is that the Animas menu system is a bit clunky and unwieldy. Giving a bolus (particularly a combo/dual-wave bolus) takes a lot more button presses on the Animas. If it weren't for the CGM I would certainly choose the Medtronic. HOWEVER the Dexcom is a game-changer and I am happy to put up with the hassle of bolusing in exchange for the spot-on numbers from the Dexcom.

I don't want to carry around extra pieces of kit (like a receiver) so having the pump and CGM integrated is important for me. If you are happy with (or prefer) a 2-component system, then you might want to stick with Medtronic or move to T-Slim (not available in Europe so I cannot comment on it).


LOVE my Omnipod but it’s my first ever pump. Love the tubeless design, and the ability to go in/out of our pool w/o disconnecting or stopping my basal. If you’re a swimmer/pool owner I’d highly recommend doing a risk free Omnipod trial. I’ve only had one pod issue in my first six months.

I love my omnipod. It's so liberating! I never used another pump, but I can imagine that the tubes are quite annoying and get caught on stuff. They're working on syncing it with a dexcom to make an artificial pancreas, but I personally hated the dexcom CGM so that had no effect on my decision. I love that I can wear it with any piece of clothing and not have to worry about securing it somewhere.

Thanks Joel! I have definitely been eyeing the VIBE for a long time. I still haven't heard when it is coming out in the US. I have heard the Animas is a pain to bolus with, but I love the idea of the Dexcom integrated with the pump. That would definitely be a game changer for me. I don't mind the Dexcom receiver but would love having it integrated.

Very much liking my tslim. I'm a first time pumper so no comparison to other pumps. I found my insulin requirements dropped by 50% with the microdelivey system and a comfort short slant set vs MDI. Straight set don't work so well for me, I need 30% more than I'm pumping now if I use a straight set.
I like the ease of use, screens are intuitive, it's small and looks like a small cellphone.
Most people do not realize it's a pump. Programing is easy, the tconnect program for data uploads is easy to use and the program supports a number of different meters.
They I'll be integrating with the dexcom in the future.

I had two minimed piumps and was pretty happy with them. (8 years)

Then I had an Animas pump and I HATED IT!!!!! (4 years)

Now I am test driving the SNAP. (~3 months so far) I really like it. It is simple to use, allows quick changes of infusions sites with no lost insulin. My problem is that my insurance doesn't cover it so I bought it out of pocket. The pump is cheap but the supplies are a bit pricy. Not sure how long I can hold out after which I will probably go the MiniMed route.

I highly recommend a test drive of this new pump on the market. I am using the Dexcom G4 and it is excellent.

Good luck with your decision. Luckily, you can't make a BAD decision. They all do what they are supposed to do. Some are easier to live with, though.


PumpGirl- Here's a response I got from TuD member Michael Hoskins to a post I made on the FDA/Vibe US approval issue in the TuD Animas groups:

This can't be blamed solely on the FDA -- we are talking a year here, from submission to where we are now, and there was additional data requested because Animas didn't submit what it should have known was needed based on 2011 guidance for human factors validation testing. So, the FDA asked for more and that is what was given a Jan. 31, 2014 deadline. Assuming Animas met that deadline, we are now about three months out so hopefully agency approval will be coming soon. There are many who feel the CE Mark approval isn't adequate and patient safety can be compromised, so FDA takes more comprehensive review than the EU does. And again, it's tough to fault the FDA when it's more likely a result of Animas not effectively doing what it needed to for approval of the Vibe here in the States.

I have used both the Ping and the Medtronic 554 with the Enlite. I had no issues with the Ping and you get used to the button pushing. I think the Vibe is the same. In fact, I found it faster to do a straight bolus on the Ping. I do like the menus and the integration of the meter with the 554 and also the slow bolus speed. With that said, I found the Ping to be more reliable for me and the Animas Customer Service was beyond outstanding. I am not sure which one I will go with for my next pump, but I would not hesitate to go with the Vibe.

Jeff - If I were in the market for a pump right now, the Snap would be on my short list. It's use of Humalog pen cartridges simplifies pump priming while it eliminates one part, the cartridge/reservoir, to buy/stock/manage. I haven't used Humalog in many years so I'd have to trial it for a bit before I made the commitment.

Asante, Snap manufacturer, gives a free trial but you have to supply the insulin.

I also am looking at Animas and Tslim for my next pump.

I switched from Medtronic to Animas and have been very pleased with the pump and the customer support from both the company and the local reps. However I am a little concerned that there has been nothing new from Animas that has been approved by the FDA. It’s not just the Vibe we have been waiting for there have been no improvements to EZ Manager in terms of upgrades and the same goes with the meter. I’d like to see some progress before I commit to another 4 years.

I also like the Tslim but Animas offers a trade in for my old pump and Tandem doesn’t so my out of pocket costs will be significantly higher if I go with Tslim.

Some things you should consider when choosing a pump -

How does it work with your lifestyle?

Is it easy to program?
Can you set up multiple programs for say sick days, exercise, very active days and lay about days.

How about temporary basal rates for those hormone jag days or when you are testing a new basal or bolus rate.

How much insulin fits in the cartridge- how many days will you get before you need to change it out.

What infusion sets can You use with it and how much do they cost?

How small of a basal rate can it deliver? How large of a basal can it deliver? How big of a bolus can it deliver.

Do you want microdelivey to avoid potential inadvertent ODs? Even if it meant it takes longer to deliver a dose.

Does a rapid delivery of either basal or bolus make a difference in your numbers, or does a slower more frequent delivery give you better control.

What about extended boluses/square waves- how are they done; Will it fit how you eat?
How does the bolus calculator work? Does it subtract if your below target or do you need to do it manually?

How easy is it to bolus without looking- especially useful if you keep it in pocket/bra/waistband etc.

Do you want remote meter input/control? Do you want an integrated CGM, or do you prefer a CGM that is seperate.

Do you want to rapid bolus in carbs or units? Do you want to enter a BG and get a correction.

Do you need a food/carb database in your pump or do you know/use online sites for your carb counting decisions?

Lots of things to think about, each pump has its strengths and its weaknesses. How it fits it your personal D life will help you with the decision on which pump to choose.

Thanks for the update Terry! I'm hoping my Medtronic pump will hold out a bit longer while I wait for the new version of the Animas pump to come out. I've done a lot of research in recent weeks and am leaning more toward it, especially now that I use the Dexcom.