What kind of relationship do you have with Diabetes?

We all know Diabetes is our life long partner, I was a little curious to know what kind of relationship you have with Diabetes?

Terrible so far, I’m both fascinated and angry about it. And at the same time I still harbor a sense of disbelief.

It’ll get better:) We’ve all been there and have overcome the disbelief.
Fascinated…I am too! everyday is different and sometimes it’s like an engima. lol

It has its ups and downs (not just in BS readings)…It’s NOT easy but you learn to adapt. I find that children with it (diagnosed young) mature a whole lot faster (out of necessity). I did. For me not ALL BAD (found a GREAT Summer Camp) and definitely NOT all good (waking to find paramedics over you is NOT fun). As with everything in life!

I agree Diabetes does have a lot of ups and Downs. I have been blessed, more Ups than downs for me.
Diabetes keeps me on my toes!