Dating another person with diabetes!

Would anybody ever consider not dating another person who has type 1 diabetes? and why or why not? Just curious what people think!!!!

not if it means having to live with another "me" ! lol

It would be kind of absurd to not date with Type 1 diabetics. But if this idea just came because of current struggles you are having with your D you better focus on that. In my opinion it can be empowering to share the experience of D. On the other hand the pairing of two people with one leg does not enable them to walk again. So it might be better to combine different strengths and weaknesses. This way one partner can carry the other in harder times. In my opinion a good relationship is based on common ground spiced-up with differences in how to approach the way ahead. If your partner is really interested in you he will become very good in diabetes management. The questions is if you can accept to be challenged by the healthy Type 3 diabetic at home. This will be even more true with a Type 1 diabetic.

woah woah woah! Holger, It was just a fun question! I am actually having zero struggles with my diabetes. I actually 100% agree with you about how it can be empowering to share the experience with someone of betes, whether its a great friend, significant other, or just family. People I have dated in my past have become amazing at helping and understanding my diabetes. Ive never had a struggle with it, but I am very open and honest with my diabetes. It is who I am! I, myself, wouldn't even hesitate to date another person with diabetes. I was just curious what other people thought and whether they would see it as supportive or more of a risk.

Sure I would. I don't personally know anyone else with T1 so it would be nice to have someone to talk to face-to-face. Someone who knew what I meant when I felt certain things because of diabetes. I've dated plenty of women who just couldn't handle dating someone with T1 and I think it might be a nice change to date someone who knows what she's getting into from the beginning.

it is a fun question!! i do like to look at the "down/fun" side! both having a low at the same time.both being crabby from being high or just one being crabby high and the other saying" go check your sugar". or being on different ends of the eating spectrum."are you really going to eat that" its your turn to go to the pharmacy! i see myself being on the receiving end of the could be doing better blah blah at family get together s! the possibilities are endless!. lol d friends are great just not sure i want to live with them!!
having to grow up with mom was bad enough for me i see no good ending in having another d person around for a extended time!! lol

Would not at all be a problem. In fact, we could help each other out, which would be the obvious benefit.

Sure, why not. Although I could see where dating someone who does not take care of himself would be potentially problematic. I mean, in any relationship, at least one person has to play the adult. In a relationship between adults, they should take turns being the responsible one--no one should always get to goof off. But when someone isn't taking care of their health, the other one would have to be the adult way too much, and that could strain the relationship into breakage.

interesting.curious to know how the criteria for one or the other not caring for themselves would be set?

Recently at the divorce lawyer:
She: he was an underachiever!
He: she was a control freak!
Lawyer: with an A1c difference of 1% I see irreconcilable differences!



I honestly have no idea because every couple/person/situation would be different. But I couldn't see: You've let your A1C go up to 7.1, I'm calling a divorce lawyer--that would be foolish.

What do I mean about being an adult in a relationship? For example, I personally don't drink. If I was dating someone (with or without diabetes) who drank, I would hope that he would not make me take care of his personal safety every time we went out. I wouldn't want to have to be responsible for someone else's blood sugar or keeping his mouth from getting him into trouble (inhibitions can be a good thing) or every ride home (I don't drive, and I generally don't want to stick around to the end of the night when the only funny thing is that the drinkers still think they're funny). I shouldn't have to be the voice of reason in every situation.

I realiza that people with diabetes have different goals and standards in their care. I wouldn't want someone always asking me if I've tested, or "are you sure you should eat that," and hopefully someone else with diabetes would appreciate that. If I keep tighter control then my partner, he shouldn't sabotage my diet or testing needs--if he were the more controlled, I hope I wouldn't sabotage him either.

At the same time, (to take an example from some of the horror stories I've read) if a person has anger management issues (or adverse personality changes) when their blood sugar is not under control, I probably wouldn't atart dating them unless they were trying, as best as the tools available will let them, to keep their blood sugar under control. If we were already dating, that could be a deal breaker.

If I wasn't at work, I'd be laughing a lot.

I would not have any issues in dating anyone with Diabetes, I have friends who have it as well as family members with it. So being around others with it seems natural to me. In fact, I think that it would actually be kind of cool to be able to have something else in common to form a stronger bond within our relationship.

Sounds like a plan... We could overdose together and die happily ever after. Seriously I want to get as far away from this disease as possible. I don't think anyone would be able to put up with me anyway so my plan is to remain by myself. My mood swings are haywire, my sex drive is shot so I don't think its even feasible to try and make it work with anyone diabetes or not. And yes I blame it all the F****G Diabetes!

I have dated a T1 diabetic and would again without any qualms. I also had a best friend (in my late-teens, early 20's) who was a T1.

I don't care about things like that as much as I care about things like character, honesty, compassion, sense of humor, communication, sexy ears (!ha!), etc.

Aw Gary, your response makes me sad! I do not like your idea of overdosing and dying happily! Sadly, none of us can get away from the disease, for it is who we are. If a person truly loves you they will be able to put up with the highs and the lows, no pun intended. All of your issues you are having that you are blaming diabetes for can be helped!

I love your response! I have never had a problem dating someone with my diabetes. They have been extremely supportive. My ex actually woke me from a deep sleep because he said I just wasnt sleeping normal, and checked me while I was sleeping and fed me sugar tabs bc I had no idea and my sugar was low 30's. I would not even hesitate to date another diabetic! Of course there will be some highs and some lows. It will be an amazing support system. THey will know exactly what we need and understand when we get frustrated or upset or having a low and extremely cranky. Of course there will be the fights where both of you are low and dont realize it ;) lol.

Ohh I am getting away from it one way or another. I've paid my dues. The first form of transplantation that doesn't require anti rejection drugs I will be pursuing. If there is a way out I will be part of it. I'm not gonna sit around and wait till there is nothing left of me. My number one goal in life is getting rid of this F******G disease.