Pump and relationships?

Hey everyone,
So my diabetes is treating me nicely. My last AIC was 6.7%. Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking about my relationships. I’m a little afraid to get into a serious relationship because of the whole pump / diabetes thing. For the last 10 years, my life has centered completely around my diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was 12 and now I’m 22… I’m ready to get into a relationship, I think, but for the last 10 years, its just been me and the diabetes. How can I introduce a stranger to my world? Anyone else feel the way I feel? Any suggestions?

I have open ears on this topic, too! I am in the same predicament, the last 11 yrs have been solely about my diabetes and i’m not quite sure how to introduce someone in this crazy d world!

I know exactly how you feel… having a chronic illness makes any relationship hard; adding a device like an insulin pump that stays on you 24/7 makes it even more difficult. However, its not as difficult as you may think to introduce someone into your life. If the relationship you have with someone is meaningful, explaining to them what the pump is and how it changes your life for the better should ease any worries they may have about it. just like it took us a few days or weeks to get used to the idea of having one attached, it might take some time for your partner to adjust also, but I’ve never had any issues with this. Good luck!

Diabetes is a big part of you but it is not all you are. You deserve a normal life, just explain to anyone you are serious about that this is YOUR normal. My husbands mother has T2, and I have LADA, T1 , he dosent like that I have it, but it’s just part of us now.

wow! Thanks for responding. You all are right. Thank you!

I met my husband on Match.com when I was 22 and had had diabetes 10 years at the time (2 years on a pump) :slight_smile:

I had serious relationships both during my time on shots and on the pump and I am very private in the “Real World” about my diabetes. I would bring it up with guys typically before the first date, but sometimes not until after our first outing - just depended on how well I knew the guy before he asked me out. I didn’t make a big deal about it, and most of the men I dated didn’t either - and if they did make a big deal or were weirded out, I just didn’t see them again. I figured people who couldn’t deal with diabetes couldn’t deal with me. As a side note, though, I wear a Minimed and always disconnect it during “funtime” with the hubby (if you get my drift), so that a constant reminder of the diabetes is not always around - sometimes you just want to be a woman and not a diabetic, ya know?

Good luck on the dating scene! There’s a lot of fish in the sea - hope you land a good one!

Before I got married, I didn’t really tell anyone I dated about my T1 until I had gotten to know them pretty well. I don’t recommend this, but I usually just waited until the guy noticed my pump and asked me about it! Crazy, I know. But when I responded, I would just try to make a joke out of it, like, “oh it’s just my pancreas” and sort of laugh and then explain it. I just wanted to avoid the risk of having the guy know about my T1 right away and then always think of me as “Katie the diabetic” rather than just “Katie.” But I don’t think waiting for a long time is the best way to deal with it, either.

Melinda, I was thinking about how ‘fun time’ would go… but I guess it can be done. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I leave my pump on during “funtime” for the most part. The hardest part is remembering which undergarmet it’s attached to as they’re being removed.

I’ve taken my pump off and I’ve left it on during intimacy. You have to have an understanding individual that will accept your diabetes from the get go. I’m sure there are plenty of men willing to accept it. Just be up front from the beginning.