What made you happy today?

Tell us what made you happy today. I'll start

Today at work, a coworker finally brought her baby in for us to see. She is 10 months old and has two top and two bottom teeth. Then she smiled that four toothed smile.

Getting home from work around seven am and hopping the shower. As I get out I hear the sleepy little voice of my three yr old “Morning daddy. I love you.” Then popping in Toy Story and falling asleep cuddling with daddy’s girl on the sofa.

We are Happy the rain has finally stopped for a while. Our city broke the record rainfall with no flooding. Yay!

I’m happy that we have doctors and insulin !!!

Aaaww, a baby smile & cuddling with a three year old who loves her daddy. The best things in life!

My dog Brock never fails to bring me smiles. Brock’s a blind American Bulldog/Pitbull mix. A big cuddly guy. I never met a creature with a more peaceful spirit. We call him our Buddha dog. Pics available for anyone needing a smile.

I’ll take a pic. where at? I just posted a pic of my last dog on my page pics.

The cab company told me that it would be at least 20 minutes for a cab after physical therapy today. I’d already learned that the metro was busted and no trains were moving. I found that I was really enjoying the walk down Van Ness Avenue by city hall with my music playing and it made me very happy.

Jeez, Lewis, you bring a tear to my eye every time I read something about you and your babies. You have such an appreciation of your blessings and it is expressed in a very evocative way. When I picture it I want to pull a blanket up around the two of you and tip-toe out of the room.

Here’s Brock.
6015-Brock.JPG (159 KB)

awwwwww… thanks for sharing !!

aaaww…so cute Gerri!
smiling here two =)

Brock weighs 72 lbs. Half the weight must be his head. Humungous head. He’s a peacful, gentle guy & nothing upsets him. His temperament reminds me to slow down. Being blind doesn’t faze him, he fearlessly goes anywhere. Brock is my dog ambassador when I do school presentations. He’s had 25 screeching second graders grabbing & hugging him & loves it.


Even when blind,… dogs have such a great nose I’m sure it is more important than eyes. Besides, it looks like he is looking at the camera so I wouldn’t worry about his sight. His nose/ears are really his eyes.
Nice lookin dog!
Nice pic Gerri!

Working on a new video and being amazed at the delicacy of the effects I’ve found by pure chance.

more details…sounds good…tell all.

Thanks, guys.

I want to hear more about your video, too!

Of course she made my jaw drop later. Dropped something while making lunch and blurted out “son of a”(haven’t finished that phrase in years), and hear a soft echo from the other room finishing what was being said in my mind.

sometimes i take random pictures and I am shocked by the outcome. video can be a million times more stressful and detail and beauty.

How do you not laugh and encourage that sort of thing. I would have to leave the house. Out of the mouths of babes. Is there anything more precious than the sound of your 3 year old’s voice finishing the phrase in all innocence? This is going to be one of those stories you tell to embarrass her at Thanksgiving some year. That was a total “dear diary” moment.