What to consider when selecting a pump

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in August. We have read about using a pump, and he wants to get the pump.

What characteristics of the pumps shoud we consider as we select a pump?

Well there is the bells and whisles so to speak for instance do you want a pump with a CGM built into it or a pump with no tubing?? what about the dosing? ease of use? which does your insurance pay for? how much is supplies a month with each pump? water proof? size? all of these come in to play when choosing a pump it is a lot of research to do on your part because you have to find what is going to work best for your son. What works for him might not work for another diabetic hence all the options. I am sure if you read the different forams on pumps like the mini med group and the omni pod group also the anamias group you can get a better feel plus visit the pump sites and read all about each pump

i did a whole lot of reseach…decided on the pump of my dreams…and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. i was heartbroken.

so, i would recommend looking at what your insurance will cover BEFORE moving further.

good for him for wanting the pump :slight_smile:

I agree with what boedica said. See what your insurance covers first… Then look at the different bells and whistles.

Personally, I changed from a MiniMed to Animas after about 3 years because of the ability to manipulate the dosing AND the fact it was waterproof. Having to put in in the container to take it swimming with me was extremely time consuming (but necessary as I would shoot up over 400 in the pool for half an hour disconnected…). The companies will talk over any questions that you have as you make the decision.

Good luck!

See http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/insulin_pump_models.php I would only use this as a starting point. Some of the companies have updated their models and the Deltec Cozmo is no longer being made.

Call all of the pump companies and set up an appointment with each of the reps. so that you and your son can see and feel the advantages and disadvantages to each of the pumps. Do not make a final decision without you actually holding the pumps in your hands. I am glad I did this because the pump that I originally was going to choose was not the one that I ended up with.