What to do about high BS that hasn't responded to insulin

I had a site insertion go bad, by the time I realized this my BS were already 250 I corrected w/a shot and they are still rising 2 shots later… Any thoughts / suggestions

Hey Girlygirl, how long ago did you take the injection? My humalog typically takes about an hour to start working. At an hour and a half to 2 hours, about half of my humalog is gone. How much should that much insulin have dropped you?

I took 6 u @ 4 1/2 hours ago…took another 4, 1 1/2. my BS comes down a few points and then pops right back up.
haven’t eaten since dinner about 5ish hours ago.

I’ve got more than enough to cover i’m stumped.

drink lots of water!!!

now I’ve heard that for after a massage, but never for high sugars, would it be the same concept? To flush stuff out or is there another reason?

When you have high blood sugar the glucose spills out into the urine which pulls excess water out as well, leading to dehydration fairly quickly. If you happen to be producing ketones this would also be a way to dilute the acidic effect as well as the effect of the high blood sugar.

Is it at all possible you have some type of infection? Are you stressed out at all? Is there a possibility the Humalog got left in some direct sunlight or too cold of temperature? If they are still not coming down in the next hour I would try a new vial of Humalog. Also if your meal was high fat enough you could still be getting some carbs entering the system even 5 hours later. I also notice when I have an infusion site go bad it takes me a couple of corrections to get it under control.

Certainly. I drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday plus other sugarless liquids to help my kidneys and to flush toxins out of my body plus some sugar. If I get a high number, then I drink extra water to help get rid of it. It keeps us hydrated also.

Before I got my pump, I was taking R/N (old fashioned, this was 2008?!) and would take a shot in my leg and run up and down the stairs about 10x? I dunno if Novolog/ Humalog have the same thing but something like that might work?

I’m pretty sure I got a bad vail, it was the last of one. No infection or high fat dinner…That has just never happened to me before. I drank A LOT of water through the night and slowly put in insulin from a new one. Was a little nervous as to how much I already had on board and didn’t know if it was going to kick in… Woke up in the high 100’s :slight_smile:

Another lesson learned, thanks so much for the help…