What to do when your pump is in the way

I've worn a pump for more than ten years so I've pretty much gotten used to it while exercising. However, lately I've gotten more into yoga and pilates which involve a lot of mat work and I'm frustrated that my pump/pump site are in the way. I'm so fed up that I've started taking my pump off before yoga class so that I don't have to worry. I know there probably isn't a way around this besides to take shots instead (yuck) but I still wanted to express my frustration. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent!

I don't stretch on the floor all that much but when I do, I usually just set the pump next to me. They sent an email around asking if anyone was interested in yoga/tai chi classes at work and I said "sure" as I'd like to recover some flexibility. The stuff I do at home is mostly for hamstrings, lower back and some crunches so I dunno how well the "pump on the floor" would work for anything more intense/ lengthy/ rolling aroundy?

I've never tried it in my bra during exercise but I fear that it wouldn't work since so much of yoga involves laying on your stomach and twisting. I think it would jut be uncomfortable. I might try the shoulder strap idea though--never thought of that before. Thanks!

Also, what is Muay Thai kickboxing? I've only ever done regular kickboxing which doesn't involve physical contact w/ people.

I've been practicing yoga for the past 5 years, and when I first got my pump, I would go low every time I exercised. Now for yoga I just take my pump out. I am only on .7 units per hour, so being disconnected for an hour of exercise actually balances out pretty well. Being disconnected is really kind of freeing, which helps me to get into a good yoga mindset. Plus, it is so much more convenient than having to shift it around every time you change poses. I know this won't work for everyone, but it works for me!

Spibelt work great. You can gently move it around your body when doing exercises on your front or back to keep it out of the way. I haven't taken my pump off but maybe it would work. I'm only on .3 units per hour and I put that on a reduction. I will try this!

I have a 2 hour Judo class every week. There is absolutely no way I could wear my pump during class w/o it getting broken, so I just take it off. I make sure I'm good before class, halfway through, and after. I correct with a bolus if I need to. An interesting note is that I have a yountg physician in my class who is also a diabetic and he removes his pump also. (I know most doctors would tell you not to remove it for that amount of time, but sometimes there is no way around it.)
The only difference I see in our situations is that my Judo class is intense exercise so my glucose stays pretty level. I've never done yoga, but I imagine it is not as intense and you may see a spike in your glucose.