What to do with old pump?

So I just got my new OmniPod (which I LOVE btw) but what do I do with my old MiniMed??? Do they recycle them, I don’t want to just trash it…TIA for any info

Dont toss it! Im sure there is a PWD who would be more than happy to take it off your hands! Good of you to check. Thanks. =^)

i personally kept mine… you never know if your coverage will stop covering omnipod and then where would you be… or if the omnipod breaks…

Dont Omni pods come with a warranty like the MM do? I know with MM if it breaks within about 4 years theyll replace it asap.

I too kept my old one incase the new one decided to break (notice I said it decided to break not I would break it hehehe)

I kept mine and am glad I did. Though I thought the Omnipod would work out for me, there were certain days I preferred my Medtronic, and since I still have several months of supplies stockpiled, I actually go back and forth. Exercise and sweat have been problematic for me on the Omnipod, but I’m hopeful I can wear it more in the Fall.

Either way, it’s a real eye opener going back and forth.

yea but coverage is wacky the might cover it right now but in 2 months they might not… then what would she do… i suggest holding on to it!

Goodness you should see the scratches on my screen on my MM 722 and the amount of clips I go through! I think I pay the stockholders alone with my clip supply! Funny thing is I have no idea what I did with my old 508. Maybe I sent it back!

yea ive got 2 522s and it may be a blessing that i kept it cause i may not be able to get the omnipod :o\


I donated my old one to this organization. They clean them and provide them to people without insurance.

I want to ask you to hand your pump to Andy Rozman. He is working on an application for blood glucose analysis. His project would be much more convenient for pumpers if he could find a way to read the data directly from the MiniMed pump. The software he is working on is an open source application so other projects like my Glucosurfer could also benefit from his findings. Here is another discussion for you to see that he is really working on something.

I do not know if your model might be helpful for him but please ask him before you donate. Maybe he just needs the pump for one or two months and then you can get it back for a donation to an organization.

I guess I should have also said that the pump is out of warranty (almost 5yrs old) and it is broken…I took my son to the waterpark about 3 weeks ago and stood in the water for about 10 minutes before I realized that I still had it on :oops: so maybe to have it refurbished???

But THANKS for all the responses!!!

If you took the battery and such apart and let it dry out over a week onto of a refridgeraton, it may still work. You set in a bowl of rice onto of the fridge and the vibration the fridge makes helps to get the liquid out. Try who knows.

yea I did all those things, it died!!! never worked the same again…it was starting to go out before the waterpark incident so that’s why I was wondering if they use it for recycling like spare parts and stuff…hhhhhmmm. what to do, what to do…

Since its broken, I would call the manufacture and see what they say, you might get a discount on the new one!