What to do with my old minimed pump?

So 9 years ago in April, I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I was six. My first pump was an animas my second was a minimed then I recently switched to omnipod. My mom and I kept my minimed pump even though it ran out of insulin. We don’t actually know what to do with it. It ran out of insulin. So should we send it back to Medtronic or not?

Here is what MM recommends:


Check on the "ran out of insulin" idea? You fill cartridges for the MM, so it only runs out if not refilled.

I always keep my replaced pump, CGM transmitter, glucose monitor, and any leftover supplies, etc. I never have to worry about keeping other supplies on hand (OK I do keep Lantus, but have not used it in many years.) I always have the old pump.

Having a back-up pump has saved me a few times--especially when I have traveled overseas.

This is an organization that takes older insulin pumps , they might take yours.

Here is a place that i have donated too before:




and another one that looks promising:


good luck

I hope you did not donate because it is good to have a back up pump in case Omni fails. Surely you and your mom know you take out the insulin cartridge, take out the battery and store it in a safe place for if/when you need it again. You may like the Omni Pod, but later decide to switch back. So hold on to it.