What to Eat!

I need all your help. I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic 6 weeks ago. I have gone from 116pds. to 102pds. in this time. My endo has instructed that I need to eat more to gain weight. I cannot seem to figure out what to eat and at what times to help me gain weight back. Any suggestions for all of you will greatly help. I am on metformin twice a day 500mg. I really need to gain some weight back but am finding it very difficult.

go see a diatiation who works with diabetics. your doctor should refer you to one.

can’t really help, other then maybe things that are higher in protein. Im type 1 and use an insulin pump so I eat whatever I want whenever I want. It will probably be best for you to get on some sort of meal plan.

It will depend on your other labs. I have been fortunate that my bp is great and my cholesterol is not an issue (and improving too), so I am not getting pressured about fats, and i have done well on eggs, meats and good-quality dairy, in addition to my half-the-plate of veg. If yours are good, add some fats. use real butter and leave the skin on your chicken. some of the nutrients in veg are fat-soluble like beta carotene (see Niina Planck’s Rreal Food") so make sure you get some fats with them. she says butter your carrots and dress your salad. enoy good food - it’s still possible unless you have other issues.

A bit tricky this one is. If you eat carbs your BG will be on the rise, if you don’t eat carbs and only proteins then your body will burn away the storage. Sounds like some sort of a combination to me. I agree with Brooke, see a dietician they can layout a high calorie low carb regime. Good luck. (I can loan you a few pounds if you can figure out how to get them :slight_smile:

I wish I could help you with this, but I have the opposite problem. Ican’t get the scale to budge. The Dr says being isulin resistant, I probably have Metabolic syndrome and my system just doesn’t respond. I have tried low cal, low fat, low carb and nothing seems to make any difference. The only good thing is my BG is pretty good and my last A1c was 5.9 … i can lend you a few pounds if you want =)

Hello Elisa. I had the same problem when I was first diagnosed. Im also a type 2 diabetic and taking metformin 500 mg once a day, and glimiperide 2mg once a day. I was 10 lbs underweight then. My nutritionist gave me food supplements like Nutren Diabetes and Glucerna on top of regular meals. I was also advised to take small but frequent meals high in fibers and protein. They also gave me an exercise regimen to beef up body mass and develop muscles. I agree with the others though, Its best you seek a professional diabetes nutritionist so he can give you a program suitable to your lifestyle, weight and other physiological conditions. I wish you well…