Need to gain Weight

I am having type 2 for almost an year now. I have been relying on Diet and Excercise for that time, but My fasting has gone upto 183 now. I have started metformin 500 mg once in the morning.

I am 62 Kgs and 5'2" and look quite lean. Please suggest a good diet plan (preferably Indian (veg and non veg) Diets) which can keep my numbers in control and also I can put on some weight.

I agree with Helen that getting your BGs under control is more important than gaining weight, but have additional thoughts. For starters, the higher BG #s can actually cause weight loss. In my personal experience, the weight loss didn't stop until long after the blood glucose numbers stabilized. Also, are you positive that you're not LADA (slow adult onset T1)? Although there are certainly skinny T2s, your body frame suggests checking into testing for T1. LADA can be handled with diet & exercise for a while, but not long-term. And a definitive diagnosis is always a good thing to have.

As far as diet suggestions, are you cooking your own food? If so, consider finding a website that allows you to input your recipe and find out the nutritional information. I usually use either the caloriecount or nutritiondata websites. That way, your can figure out a good portion size and know what your carbs, proteins, calories, and fat are. You can also tweak your own recipes a bit. Like I made aloo gobi the other day, but used more cauliflower, less potato, but kept the spicing the same. For gaining a bit of weight in the meantime, you might want to try snacking on some high-fat, high protein snacks like nuts or sunflower seeds.

I agree with others that your priority should be getting better blood sugar control. Your BMI is 25 which doesn't suggest that you are too thin, certainly not unhealthy. The biggest problem with an Indian diet is addressing the central role that rice and breads have in meals. If you truly wish to gain weight, the best way is to eat a high protein diet, get enough calories and do some exercises like weight training to challenge your body.

And I would suggest you talk with your doctor about getting more serious about the blood sugar control. And as Helen said, a dose of 500 mg metformin isn't enough to be effective and at it's best, at a maximum dose, metformin only drops your A1c by 1%. You should definitely ask your doctor about getting proper tests to see if you are actually a T1. And do your best to work on keeping a close eye on the carbs in your meals.

I am asking me this: Is your diagnosis of T2 diabetes correct? The reason for bringing this up is that without insulin you will have no chance to keep your weight. Instead your body will burn all of your fatty deposits and much of your muscle mass. Please read Melitta's blog for some ideas: