What twosome has influenced your life and make you a better person?

During your lifetime,certain people play an important role in shaping your future. My turning point was November 1977.After driving 400 miles from Montreal to Boston,I was in hospital with my sugar count of 880 and the doctor telling my wife to sign the papers, because I was clinically dead. When they said I was a diabetic and on INSULIN for the rest of my life. I made a promise that since I had a ‘second chance’ I will use my people skills to reach as many as I can and be a ROLE MODEL and focus on living a healthy lifestyle,NOW, while waiting for a CURE, My twosome is BANTING & BEST. Since 1978 I have worked closely with the BANTING FAMILY to let the insulin-dependents,world-wide they should be involved in supporting, because BANTING sold his discovery for ONE DOLLAR. www.restorethebantinghomestead.com AMIGO clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

This is hard question two people would have to be my brother. He paved the way for me! when my brother was dx in 70s. And helped my thourgh my dx in 94 till now helping thourgh my trails on errors on pump therepy i would be lost with out him he is truely my MENTOR AND HERO! I cannot thank him enough. And second would be my ANGEL!!! AND NEW FOUND FRIEND MY CDE. Thourgh learning to carb counts, to being there for my almost not! pump start. To just being there on the phone or by e-mail. THANKS! FOR BLESSING MY LIFE. I hope one day to help diabetics and be thanked too! LOVE YA GUYS :slight_smile: THANK FOR YOUR A-TEAM SUPPORT diabeticidol94

The first person would have to be my mum. She’s my best friend and my hero, and despite not being diabetic herself, she gets it more than any non-diabetic I know. When I was first diagnosed, she gave me my injections, and as I’ve got older, she has been the one who has enjoyed the good times with me, and helped me get through the bad times. If it wasn’t for her amazing strength, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I am determined to keep making her proud of me.

The second person…that’d be a close friend who is also diabetic. We met when she was in the really bad stages of a hypo, and I had to stop one of her friends from giving her insulin (she thought she was doing her a favour when she was actually close to killing her!) She’s the person I can rant and rave to and she knows that she can do the same, but she also inspires me to keep going and for that I will always be grateful.

It is my mother and my auntie( father’s sister) who raised us after my mother death.She is my best friend and a living angle,God bless her