Who Is Your Diabetes Hero?

Many of my heroes as a child were athletes; Their Sports Illustrated covers plastered the walls of my room. I took those magazine covers down a long time ago, and some of those heroes have fallen. Not one of them truly impacted my life. But I have one superhero who has influenced my entire life.

She’s been gone for more than twelve years now, but my mom’s impact on my life, especially my life with Type 1 diabetes, lives on. My mom is the person who gave me the courage to live a normal life, regardless of the highs and lows that would come along for forty-plus years.

I wrote a tribute for my mom and read it to her at her birthday party a couple years before she died. Here’s part of it:

Mom, you were my hero when I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11 and I spent three weeks in the hospital. You encouraged me as I made adjustments. You were my strength through it all. You gave me my shots when I couldn’t do it myself. You taught me how to care for my health. You made sure I went to a diabetes camp so I could see I wasn’t alone. Years later, when I went to a special diabetes seminar, I learned how well-adjusted I was. There was only one reason for that: my mom.

Maybe, like me, a parent was, or is, your hero, your support and encourager along the way. Or maybe it has been another relative, a teacher, or a friend.

Who is your biggest hero when it comes to living with diabetes? Share your story about them here! Better yet, tell them in your own tribute.

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