What type of diabetic are you

To me there are 5 of classifcation’s for a diabetic.

  1. Stubborn (stuck in your ways, don’t want to change)
  2. Don’t know much, willing to learn
  3. Wing Man (just winging it, taking it day by day)
  4. Pro active
  5. Obsessed

What’s your Classification and why?

My little bro thinks I am obessed which he said it’s a good thing…My step daughter thinks I am Pro Active…

I agree with Quyncee (step-daughter). I am very pro active when it comes to my Health. I have learned a lot being a diabetic, if you don’t care no one else will.


Hi Cherise,
Funny you should ask. I can see me in every one of your classifications. Some days I am definitely number 1. When my son starts talking to me and checking on me (he has been diabetic a lot longer than me) I am like REALLY ? And feeling definitely like number 2. On days when things seem pretty wacky and I have these crazy bounces for no reason I feel like I am definitely number 3. On good days I feel like i am definitely number 4. Then there is number 5. When I am making out my shopping lists and one of my daughters says “just be cool Mom”, the youngest daughter tells her not to interrupt cause “Mom is on a mission”. I have to laugh about these because usually your kids see pretty realistically. I may not always agree and then we get to “discuss” it.
I thank you for your ideas and appreciate the chance to smile about it. And i definitely agree that if we don’t care about it, no one else will.


I agree with you I can be all of them!

lol! my husband just said I was obessed…hahahaha at times I can be:)

I was going to say Ornery but you forgot to put it on the list. :smiley:

Sometimes I am 1., 4., and 5., but mostly I’m Pro-Active. That is because I normally
stick to my schedule because if I don’t I’ll mess up by getting into a lazy habit. When I get up I test my sugar, take the appropriate doses of Insulin and know if and what I will eat. I test quite often so I know what’s going on. I also get to all my medical appointments and have my tests done at the hospital lab or a lab nearer to me.

I continue to read, discuss and learn all I can about Diabetes and much of the new stuff. When I go somewhere, I always take my meter, Insulin, a few mini bars and a juice box with me.

I also agree with your last sentence Cherise.