What Would You Do? I posted under "Fun and Games" but it happens


It’s weird. Some people react to the sight of blood only when it’s their own, others only when it’s someone else’s. Go figure. Aren’t humans interesting? :laughing:

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I was given this at AADE this weekend… Think it will fix me right up!!! Lol.


Well, duh. Everybody knows THAT.


I saw a super wonderful snarky Tweet about this over the weekend. Someone wanted to know how they managed to get a booth when the Okra Grower’s Association did not.


Nicely designed little bottles, definitely a Must Have.


Don’t knock it. Essential for lots of Asian recipes. Did they give you the cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric, chillies etc., too?



Well, it IS the cure, don’t you know? We’re all just too lazy to take it…