What Would You Do? I posted under "Fun and Games" but it happens



I wood say because I’m Holland smoke an other joint!


After the friend turned their head, I would simply say “Ok, I’m done”. I feel like saying that they don’t like the sight of blood is just them feeling guilt and rationalizing the act of turning their head. Almost like they know what they are doing is wrong or unjust in some way, but they really just don’t like blood. I wouldn’t take offense to it nor would I expect someone to watch me make my finger bleed.


I’d say “If you can’t stand the sight of blood, then don’t watch when I check my blood sugar, you idyit!” Seriously.


What I would do? Burst out laughing? :grinning:
What’s the meaning of the word ‘friend’ if he doesn’t know that I am a diabetic and I don’t know he can’t stand the sight of blood? That person must be joking or he must be a total stranger, incorrectly described as friend.


When I was diagnosed (in 1977) the advise was that Diabetics should never smoke dope. The reason given was that it could cause an uncontrollable attack of the munchies causing you “break your diet plan” and increase your BG!..


I have heard that weed can have that effect. :sunglasses:


Funny, I’ve “heard” that, too! :wink::sunglasses:


Purely secondhand hearsay, you understand.


Hmmm. Further thoughts. Since it IS now legal here, I wonder what the combination of MJ and cinnamon might accomplish . . . does anyone know of a study exploring the effects of smoking cinnamon?


@David, I don’t think you need a study to tell you smoking cinnamon would make you sick! LOL


David, didn’t you hear that smoking weed, along with eating a tablespoon of cinnamon will cure both Type 1 and Type 2?


A great tasting space cake maybe???


Yes, David, my cousin/brother/sister/neighbor/taxi driver/kid’s school teacher/mother-in-law/…GOT RID of their Diabetes doing that, and if you care about your health, you should do it too!

(Sorry, I’ve been told by many people about all of the people they know who “cured their Diabetes” by doing/eating XYZ-fill-in-the-blank!)


My response?

“Turn your f’ing head then.” End of response.


I would say, I’m sorry that it bothers you, you might want to turn away for a second or two. I see no reason to be confrontational, politeness works much better.


I lack tact. It’s a hypothetical situation where someone is obviously attempting to be confrontational in the first place…akin to a woman breastfeeding in public. If you don’t like it…turn your head. I don’t sugar coat much in my life.


I guess that’s why we differ in approach, I did not see the hypothetical situation as confrontational. There are people that are squeamish about blood. If their aversion to blood causes a strong reaction I am willing to overlook it


Sharing irrelevant information with a stranger about what you are, or aren’t squeamish about is confrontational imho. :slight_smile: If I don’t ask someone if they’re squeamish then I am not really concerned if they are or aren’t…so them sharing the info isn’t relevant. If you’re squeamish…just hold onto that (silently) and look away.


A friend of mine nearly passes out when he has blood drawn for lab tests but isn’t bothered at all by my fingersticks or injections. Go figure! :smile_cat: