What would you do if your mistakenly gave yourself your Lantus twice?

When my son was first diagnosed, we used a pen for humalog & a syringe/vial for lantus. The pen is much more convenient, but it was a comfort and reduced the possibility of a basal/bolus error for us. He’s on a pump now, so it’s no longer an issue.

Sorry about your recent diagnosis. Take care.

@ AustinMom. I do the same thing that you used to do; that is, my Apidra and Regular are in vials, my Levemir is in a pen. The vials are kept refrigerated, the Lev. pen is kept on a kitchen shelf in a mug. Even so I once took my basal shot with Apidra instead of Levemir, and sat up most of that night nursing a Regular Coke, eating Nut-Thins, and testing, testing, testing.

@ Molly. One advantage of dividing my daily dose of Levemir is that I didn't accidentally take a massive amount. Maybe you could split your daily Lantus dose, just as a little insurance?

wow...who knew?...thanks for the tip.


Wow, you guys, it’s amazing the stories we have. It must have been pretty frightening to go through this, but it also shows how strong we can be, jelly beans and all. That glutagon kit/ thing freaks me out too. Gave it to my husband and told him he’s in charge. He just shrugged and said" no problem, I got it." I hope he never has to use it. If he does I hope he has a magnifying glass to read the instructions!

MM…That’s incredible, but I totally can see how you could do it. A lot of times I am doing three or more things at once while checking my blood sugar or my CGM or injecting, not to mention using my phone, etc. I have pushed the limit for sure. So glad you made it through that and hope it never happens again for any of us. Crazy life we live!!!

When I was on MDI, I did two things with my basal/bolus pens that helped. I stuck a big piece of blue electrical tape on one pen, and a piece of red on the other. I also had 2 mugs, on opposite sides of the kitchen, for the basal. It went in one mug after dosing in the am, and the other after pm. It did help my old brain ;)

understandable...it takes these sort of methods to "remember". impressive!

I believe they make a pen cap that goes on any pen that records the last time of your opening of the pen - that may help. What about a magnet on your refridge that you flip around indicating your Lantus dose has been taken - kind of like the clean/dirty dishes magnet I have on my dishwasher.



If you ever aren't sure on your bolus, I would skip it (especially if you have a CGM). My logic:

hypoglycemia = Accute life threatening complications
hyperglycemia = Chronic complications that won't happen from going slightly higher for a 12-24 hour period.

Is your Lantus dose 11 units once a day? Have you ever thought of splitting them (I know it is one more injection, but works a lot better for me).

I do 8units in the morning, and 7units at night. My Humolog/carb ratio is 1unit/11g

Rumor is they are going to release it to the US market this summer...you never know about those rumors though (cure anyone?)