What's for breakfast?

We have been stuck in a peanut butter funk for some time now…regarding children…what’s for breakfast? would love carb counts …thanks…

Breakfast is easy. Any form of eggs with meat, vegies, etc. Carbs would only come from vegies (5 for 1/2 Cup cooked) and from milk which I assume is what he drinks, and a slice of toast. (about 15 carbs).

I know a lot of people have trouble with cereal, but Special K Protein Plus works well my son. I can’t recall the exact carb count off the top of my head, but he usually eats 2 servings with a cup of milk for around 45-50 grams of carbohydrate.

We sometimes do whole wheat, high protein waffles with sugar free syrup. He also likes breakfast tacos - low carb tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese, sometimes bacon, and sometimes leftover veggies from the previous night’s dinner. The only carbs are from the tortillas (about 10 carbs each).

Good luck.