What's for dinner? and other topics that diabetics analyze much more than the normies

I have been having the roller coaster sugar problem for too long now. I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I may have to go to a nutritionist again to be more mindful of how much protein and carbs I intake in each meal. I hate going to nutritionists. If you eat like a saint for 29 days out of a 30 day month, the nutritionist, after reviewing your food journal, will point out how you covered THAT DONUT well with the insulin you gave yourselfl in a disapproving tone. Every nutritionist does this. Most peeps think I am a health nut. I rather have 5 root canals in one afternoon than deal with this scenario again. I have discussed this topic my diabetic care coordinator. She claims that the new nutritionist at the UCLA Gonda Goldschmidt Diabetes Center will not do this to me. The previous two nutritionist at this center did do this as have every previous nutritionist I have encountered in the 33 years I have been a tpe 1 D. I have even seen dietitions who have admonished me for what I eat, eat a piece of chocolate cake in the doctors lounge while I have been having lunch with my father. If I had a perfect diet 100% of the time, why would I go to a nutritionist? Enough whinning on that topic.
My blog most likely will be about what I am thinking about preparing for dinner, all the exotic and down home foods I like, the foods I don’t like, the non-vegan foods I won’t eat and trying to be an active, healthy person. I walk 1.5 miles a day with two dogs that want to run after squirrels every chance they get but I do not consider this to be much exercise. It isn’t enough for me to feel well balanced. I want to go back to taking yoga, pilates and hiking and get back into jogging running again.
My original topic: What is for dinner tonight?
An organic produce delivery delivers my fruits and vegetables to my place every two weeks. Sometimes my meal plan is surrounded around what produce has been delivered and what produce will spoil soonest if I do not use it. Tonight I am going to make a dill and cucumber salad recipe from the cookbook “Vegetable Love” so the half of cucumber I have left will not go bad. This entails going back to the store for fresh dill. I am also going to make a masoor dahl recipe from the cookbook “The Vegan Table” and basmatti rice. I know that white basmatti rice is not exactly low on the G.I. but that’s what is for dinner tonight. I have already decided what I want to cook for dinner tomorrow night and the next night. Left overs are usually lunch.
I am a lean diabetic, but as you may find out, I am totally into food. The quality of food, how it is grown, sometimes I try to grow it myself, the texture, and even the presentation.