What's going on in YOUR state?

Emily asked me to share this happy news with you, and I’m thrilled to do so. Are you curious as to your own state’s diabetes action plan?

Diabetes Advisory Council

If you ever wonder what happens after you attend MasterLab, offered by Diabetes Hands Foundation and a speaker asks a great question…

“How many of you know what your state’s Diabetes Action Plan is?”

Great question… and sitting there, I had no clue. I didn’t know.

This is what happens.

I went home and I did research, because I was curious. And then more research and I grew more curious. And I found out that in my state, they actually have a Diabetes Advisory Council that must have 3 people with diabetes in its ranks.

The Diabetes Advisory Council advises the state on diabetes prevention, diagnosis, education, care, treatment, impact, and costs. It helps to create the very Action Plan that the speaker mentioned.


I applied to be one of those three people.

And today, I can announce that I have been appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Diabetes Advisory Council for the State of Florida.

Here’s the takeaway from all this…

Ask questions when your own answer is: “I don’t know.” You might be
surprised at what you find.
Think about what you can do, no matter
how big or how small, to make an impact. It’s not just the federal
stuff that it’s important. It’s the local and the state stuff, too.
Reach for the seemingly impossible. (I certainly never expected to be
Know that when the impossible happens, you can do it,
because you have a community of people who support you as you support
If you had asked me three years ago if I was a diabetes
advocate, I would have laughed in your face. I had no clue what being
a diabetes advocate means. (And I thought: Who has time? Someone else
will do advocacy.

Today, without a doubt, I know the answer:

“I am a diabetes advocate.”

Everyone impacted by diabetes is a diabetes advocate. I am part of this amazing community of diabetes advocates.

I am so honored to help my community in the State of Florida and look forward to the opportunities to serve where I can.


Congratulations to both you and Florida, @Christel !

I see a link to the Illinois Illinois Diabetes Prevention and Control Council, which seems to be affiliated with the Illinois Department of Public Health. There is a link to the annual progress report… from 2011 on the site however further rooting around turned up a 2013-2018 “Action Plan” dated in 2014