It's been a few months!

I’ve moved to Florida and I’ve hady ups and downs. As you all know I went on the pump. My blood sugars improved to the point that my a1c got to 7, that’s the best it’s been in 26 years! I was pretty happy. I got it down to 7 with cse help with my diabetes nurse. While in fl I haven’t had my nurse and I got to be pretty sporatic again. I even spent about a month going back and forth into the hospital into ska and was in the hospital for a few days in icu even! Not good… But it’s getting better again as I keep on top of it. Sometimes I want a vacation from diabetes though!

I'm glad to hear about the 7 but not the ICU?

If you are nurseless, perhaps you can hang out in the forum for questions and support? It may not be "medical advice" but, as you seem to be perceiving, it works best when "I keep on top of it" and you are sort of ultimately responsible for the outcome? I like the forums as there's a bit more traffic and, if someone says "jelly donuts are the cure for DKA" someone else will likely pick up that glove and slap them with it?

I am from MA Lexington I moved to Florida. Where are you in Florida. I might be able to help.

Thank you both so much for your support! Sea gator I am in Clearwater, I see that you are in st Augustine , I love it over there. Acid rock you are so right about visiting the forums. I haven’t been able to since I’ve been in Florida until now because my laptop was broken. I just bought an iPad so now I’m back to cruising the Internet. I KNOW what to do but I am still sort of a newbie to the pump and my nurse in Boston was such a great support and I miss her.

I just started working out with a trainer yeaterdAy and already have had to reduce my basal rate!

Soooo… It’s not that I need the medical advice really it’s that I need to stay on top of diabetes living with the support of other good diabetics! I will be back visiting the forums and blogging… Thanks acid rock and sea gator!

Great job on getting your A1c to 7.0, now you just need to duplicate that sort of success.

FWIW, I am a bit closer to you - Mount Dora, which is a little North and West of Orlando.

What seems to be your biggest problem that led to DKA and ICU?


What’s fwiw mean? Yes I will duplicate it. I also have severe gastroparesis and I had a flare up. It messes up my sugars… So a combo of not the best control and the gp sent me into dka!

Hi - I am in Seminole, which is not too far from you.