What's the best case to carry the Animas Ping?

Hi everyone
I’m new to the pump and received the belt carrying case and it doesn’t work well for me. I’m hoping you can give me a few suggestions of what case or belt or clip that works the best for you and why?

I’m not sure what carrying case you received?? You mean for the meter/remote? I just use the case that came in and toss it in my purse or backpack. I didn’t get any carrying case for the Ping, as I wear it all the time. Maybe you are just asking about how to wear it? I use the clip that came with it a lot of the time,(maybe that’s what you were talking about) clipping it to pants or skirt waists. At night I sleep in shorts that I clip it to. I do have a spibelt and a tallybelt that I bought, neither of which I use much. I sometimes do use the spibelt under a dress, and sometimes wear shorts underneath which are more secure than clipping to underpants. Some people put it in their bra but that doesn’t work at all for me. You just have to experiment with what works best for you.

I should clarify. Not the case for the meter/remote. I received a case that clips on to my belt for the pump and it just doesn’t work well for me. Some people have suggested the spibelt because of my job as a Frito Lay sales rep I’m always on the move and looking for some suggestions that would make it a little more comfortable.

I went to the Animus website store and purchased 3 different options for my son. One for daytime at school, one for sports, and one for bed. He tried them and the one for bed is the one he loves and wears all day and all night. The pump goes in a pouch and it has a strap that is velcro so it stays where he puts it. He wears a tank shirt and puts the pump strap on and then his t-shirt. I think you just have to try different options until you find the one that works for you. Good luck!

Oh, I’ve actually never heard of a case for the pump! I would think that would add to its bulk! Some people use the “skins” which are thick rubber in pretty colors designed to protect the pump. You should have received a coupon in your box for a free one. Truthfully I bought the different type belts but find that 90% of the time I just use the clip. Try the spibelt and see if you like it. There are two types, one which is just a small pouch with a zipper and one that has a hole to feed the tubing through.

there is a leather case that goes on the belt that i wear it cost me like $35-$40 but it works well

What is the purpose of the case? Why not just clip it on? Is it for protection? I ordered the skin for protection and then hated it. My trainer told me I didn’t really need it, that the Ping was really built strong. I’ve since banged it and dropped it several times. If you like the case, you like it, but I’d prefer not to have the added bulk (that’s part of why I hated the skin)

those clips suck and are very cheap for my line of work im a stocker and im very physical and move alot and its liable to get banged against it protects mine how the clip never could also theres no bulk its very light

Oh, I see, that explains what it’s for. The clip works fine for me most of the time, sounds like it really depends on or situations!

well even at home i didnt like the clips it was awkward and felt really cheap made and didnt hold it very well so ive always opted for cases not just for my pump but also always for my cell phones

My son uses a runner’s neoprene case. It’s like a fanny pack, but it is super small and stretches to hold the ping. It goes around your waist - under clothes. He likes it much better than the clip - more secure and doesn’t move around when he jumps on the trampoline or wrestles, etc.

Where did you get the spibelt?

Spibelts are at spibelt.com

I just ordered one today. Are they comfortable?

I got my daughter a Nathans runners pak at Sports Authority, it comes in many different colors and they cost 20.00 dollars. She wears it all the time and she loves it because she cant feel the bulk of her pump and it's comfortable enough. Look into it and let me know how it goes.

I worked in Emergency Medical Services 25 years ago. I had a belt pouch left over. I got a second one and now keep both my Ping and Dexcom 7+ receiver in Ripoff pouches. I believe if is there model c0-25. Their address for confirmation and identification is PO Box 3270, San Dimas CA, 91776. Check with your local emergency services for ideas. BTW, I face the metal belt clip of the Ping out to work like an auto shock spring.

I have the "PING" and ordered the Free rubber case that was offered when I got my pump as my finger tips are smooth and I have a HARD time grasping most things . I like the rubber case with exceptions as when I try and put inside my shirt pockets or pants pockets it's very difficult . I'm considering ordering the Leather case for it and wondering if anyone has tried it . Thanks Roger

Hi,,, I use a mobile phone pouch/sock that has a lanyard attached. I prefer this as I tend to pull the inset out or get tangled if I try to wear my pump on a belt or clip it to my waist...but it's really a personal choice and I suppose comes down to what activities/work you are doing.