Looking for a pump case

While reading a discussion here recently about various pump cases, I came across a thread that gave a link for a certain brand of case. For the life of me I cannot find that thread again. I’ve used every imaginable search term in the tudiabetes search engine as well as Google but have come up empty handed.

I am looking for a case that would fit my Animas Ping pump that features a clip (or carabiner) that attaches to a belt loop. I can’t remember the name of the company but I believe the case costs about $25. If anyone here can direct me to a website that features that style, I would be grateful.


Go to Wal Mart. Look in the electronics area for cases for cell phones and cameras. Mine is a RUGGED EQUIPMENT brand with a belt clip. The pouch can swivel and lock into different positions and detatch from the belt clip. 16 dollars.

it was Caselogic - one of our members Kristin would wear it on her belt loop. I will try to find the picture but maybe she can help you more. :slight_smile:

Kristin’s pump case



Thanks for the suggestion Sidney. What I’m looking for is a case that does not attach with a belt clip. I’m attracted to the case that hangs from a belt loop below the belt level. It sounds like you have found a good pouch for your pump. I’ll check out the Wal Mart electronics department at my next opportunity.

I was able to find Kristen’s CaseLogic solution. It was not the one I remember being referred to in a post I no longer can find but Kristen’s case looks like it might work for me. I may just order one online.

Thanks for your response.

Hi Domo,

I have checked out the Spibelt and I understand that quite a few pumpers like this style. I can certainly see runners’ and cyclists’ interest.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m still in pursuit of a case that suspends from a belt loop with a hook or carabiner.

Since I just got my new Ping today I was looking around the Animas estore and found the following webpage:

It’s called a “Clip -n Go for 1 Touch Ping”, and seems to fit your description Hate it when they hide things like that.

Theodore – This one is the type I’m looking for. Thanks for sending the link. Good luck with your new Ping. I like mine.

I found a woman that makes the case you are talking about on Kerri Sparling’s website. The woman’s website is called: tandjdesigns.com. They make custom cases as well for customers.

I also found a company, Golla designs that sells cases for MP3 players and cameras, and they fit your criteria! They sell them at target. I’m grabbing one when I get paid next week!

Thanks for the tip Stefanie. I’m looking at her site and may order one of the ones featured there.

Thank-you Laura. I’ll look for them in my next visit to the store.