What's the best website for inputting recipes for nutritional info?

I was wondering if you’ve found a website where I can input my own recipe to have it analyzed, so I can get the nutrional info (mostly interested in carbs). I’ve run across some before, but they seemed kind of complicated. Some are websites connected to weight loss groups, which I don’t want to join.

Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated!

When I first started reading your question I was going to suggest the recipe tool on myfitnesspal.com - but it is a weight loss group. It’s free though…

sparkpeople.com is free

My favorite is the counter at about.com.

Have you tried http://www.fitday.com/? I like it because it has so many options for serving sizes, and you can even customize it by adding your own info from packages if you don’t see it in the database.

I use sparkpeople. I ignore the weight loss info and any other “advice” I don’t need.

I like www.calorieking.com.

I use LoseIt at www.loseit.com or their free iPhone app. I’ve actually switched to the Track3 iPhone app for tracking carbs & calories, along with BG, exercise and meds, however, for new recipes I use LoseIt for the calculations and then enter it as a custom food in Track3.

You can also use the search engine WolframAlpha. Just open the next link to query the carbohydrates in 150g dry macaroni: carbohydrates in 150g dry macaroni

Hey I’ve been looking around on sparkpeople and can’t find a place to enter my own recipe to have it analyzed. Can it do that for me?

It can do that. I have added a couple of my own receipes. However, I think you have to set-up an account to do it. I log my food and my glucose on the site.

some of the tools others have recommended are better for analyzing single ingredients or packaged foods. I LOVE living cookbook. Purchased the software online (Amazon) and put in all my recipes-it’s time consuming to do all the input at first- but once your main recipes are entered you have a great tool. You can analyze all the way down to macro nutrients if you want to. It also has meal /menu planning and shopping list functionality as well as the ability to go to hundreds of online recipe websites and add recipes right from the web. You’ll enjoy it more if your both computer and internet savvy.