What's up?


Hi everyone… Alright so I’m obviously new here… I’m a Type I… was diagnosed 22 years ago… struggled with it for a lot of years… but ended up on the other side… maybe ended up is the wrong way to say it… I worked my butt off and made it to the other side. I’ve been on the pump for a year now and I love it… it was a hard decision to make but it changed my life… as I know it has done for many other people. I don’t really know any other Type I’s, at all actually… so a friend of mine suggested I join this sight and I’m glad I did. There seems to be a lot of love and support going on around here and that’s amazing. Sooooo… I’m around, if anyone want to chat feel free, I’d love to!


Hi Aimee

So which pump are you using?

Have you looked into the CGM systems yet? I know they’re not covered by insurance, but hopefully that will change in the next 6 months or so.

I’m impressed by your A1C, clearly you’re working really hard at this. Good for you.


Hi Aimee,

Pump it up! Uh…

Good number. And for my next trick…

I like the number you posted… 5.4. It looks familiar to me. And I know how hard it is to maintain. It isn’t easy but it’s well worth the clear head and all.

Talk to you later.


P.S. Oh yeah, welcom aboard.


Hi Aimee,
Congratulation. I think Diabetics should get some sort of ‘above and beyond’ award every ten years they have diabetes. So that would be two for you :). Life is tough enough without diabetes and anyone who can handle living and diabetes should be proud. Welcome to the tudiabetes. Glad to have you with us!