What's with all the negativity lately?

So many recent posts complaining about "this & that" concerning the Omnipod system.............well, I for one want to say that Omnipod is the BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME since I was diagnosed with diabetes. That is all........:) If the system doesn't fit your needs, or isn't your "style", then try something else, but don't waste my time trying to convince me that Omnipod suks, because I LOVE IT! It allows me to jog, play golf & tennis & go about life like any healthy person. Thanks for listening. johnny

It was also the best thing that happened for my son's management of diabetes. We had a string of issues two years ago but almost no problems since - and Insulet was very helpful during that time. My son started wearing it 3 years ago, he plays sports, can change his own pump, and actually used the expression "I'm finally free" when he put it on the first time!

Ditto. Love it! Except the rash he gets sometimes..thats driving me crazy

Ditto. 25 years with Type 1. Omnipod is working great and I would not trade it to go back to taking 10 shots a day!

I agree, Omnipod is probably the best thing out there right now for my diabetes. HOWEVER, there needs to be a safe place where we can go to discuss our frustrations and complications, and who better to go to than those who understand exactly what we are talking about because they are living it as well. This is not permission to "gripe" about everything. But it is a place to get invaluable feedback and support from those who truly know what we are going through and dealing with day in, day out. That's the value I see in reading other's struggles and successes with the Omnipod. I need to hear what's going on with others because that's real life. Being diabetic isn't easy. It's a daily challenge. It doesn't have to slow you down, but it DOES affect every person very differently and we need to be able to be real about the hard stuff and help each other deal with it. I'm very happy that Omnipod is the best thing that ever happened to you, but don't take away from other's what may be very beneficial to them in being able to vent, ask questions, or just express frustration when needed. We all need that at one time or another because, honestly, it's hard sometimes. No one is making you "waste your time" to read their comments. You choose to do that on your own. Don't mean to be rude, but Omnipod isn't perfect; none of us are.

I agree…I love the Omni pod. There are blips, nothing is perfect, but I make it work for me!
You definitely have to give it more than a day. Good luck.

I 2nd that!

Two thumbs up!

I’m with you Omni is the best thing for my management and care… And it’s not about not going back to MDI it’s about swimming with my son, snowboarding with my daughter… Not running out of sites and having to use a steel cannula (contact-detach=eww scary) its about not stressing my two year old will yank a tube, or press a button on mommy! I begged insurance for a pump for TEN YEARS! When I finally got approval I met with EVERY REP! I choose omni because, lifestyle wise, it fit me best. My Endo even said “every pump is going to have issues, it’s about deciding what you can live with for yourself”. For me, I don’t see a big change in my numbers at pod change, I have a few fails here and there but omni replaces them. My A1C is down from 8.4 to 7 and still dropping! That means I get eyesight, kidney function, and no further nerve damage. I’m amazed at the system daily. I think of it this way, if my kids were drowning in a pool I wouldn’t want to worry about a 5k medical device before I could jump in. If my daughter wants to snowboard I don’t worry about ruining a pump with a hard fall! Any issues are worth that peace of mind to me!

Onetta - Thank you for your reasoned, balanced, and non-inflammatory take on the reality of T1D and the value of this community! I'm glad that you wrote this. Be well.

Well said!!! As a pump user for almost nine years now I agree that Omnipod is one of the better products out there. I was previously with Minimed and can tell you that NO pump is perfect. In five boxes I have had only one defective pod, which is better than the luck I had with infusion sets from my tubed pump.

Nothing is perfect when it comes to dealing with the big ‘D’, you just have to figure out what works best for you. In my case, chasing around two extremely active boys, the Omnipod fits my lifestyle better and allows me more freedom than a tethered pump.

I really think Omni should market itself that way… “The pump for people with kids” lol I think it so fits a parents lifestyle :slight_smile:

Agreed; type 1 is coming on 40 years for me, Insulet is the best that I've yet found, not perfect, just the best.

John Bowler jbowler 2 acm.org

Well, I don't ave any comparison as the Omnopod is my first pump. I tend to look at results first. For me BG is more stable and insulin consumption lower than during my MDI time. The pods are for me very comfortabele: sleeping, showering, sporting and so on. Unfortunately, nothing is flawless so I have experiended in the first three months variable problems. Ypsomed, the European distributor of Omnipod, have always adequately reacted to my problems.A big salute to the inventor of Omnipod!

I appreciate the information coming from Omnipod users regardless of the nature of the post. If somebody is having issues, we as fellow users are the best resource available for help or just to be a shoulder to cry on when things seem overwhelming.

That being said, I, personally, don't need to hear the latest set of reasons why a former user decided to switch from the Omnipod. For me, there is a difference between saying, "Hey, I want to work with this pod thing and I need some advice on how to work through some issues" and "Hey, here is why I'm no longer using this pod thing because it's the worst piece of crap I've ever used."

Everybody, of course, is welcome to their opinion and everybody is free to post in a respectful manner, even if it is to rail on a product that I find quite useful and life-changing. I completely understand that the Omnipod does not work for everybody, but I do believe that, like me, most of us who are having a reletively trouble-free experience are content to simply have our reletively trouble-free experience while trying to help other experience the same relative contentment if at all possible.

If somebody is moving on, I respect that decision and the decision to post here with an explanation why. I just don't feel a particular need to comment either way anymore. I'll always have a firm handshake and nod of understanding for anybody who has made that decision though.

FHS I wholeheartedly agree w/ you sir!
I am glad we have this community available to us as a place where we can come and ask questions, vent, etc. But in general, I am happy with my pumping experience on the pods and am happy to help others who have a similar interest in having success with the pods. So I enjoy helping out (at least in my head it's "helping out" when I add my two cents ;) and giving those newer users (or heck even seasoned users that are having issues) anything that I can offer in the form of advice and my anecdotal evidence of what has worked for me.
It is true that using the pods (and pumping in general) is not for everyone. I respect the decision of others to move to a different management system, and also understand that it is a difficult one to make (no matter the reasoning). I really like your comment about the "firm handshake and nod of understanding". I totally agree!

And Johnny, I'm really glad that you have been so happy w/ your pumping experience! Ultimately, that's what we're all here to do--getting back to doing what we love to do and making diabetes as easy as possible within our lifestyles!

Thank you sir!

While I can understand why a happy OmniPod user would prefer not to filter through a number of complaints, I very much appreciate reading the complaints. I'm considering taking the leap and switching from MDI to a pump. It's very helpful to hear every side of the story.

Reading the good and bad about CGM's helped me choose the DexCom. And, that has worked out very well. So, I hope to select a pump the same way.

I am planning on getting an omnipod. All I have seen really is negativity. I REALLY don't want a pump, but when I saw this I liked it. I am doing a demo and don't mind the bulk of it. I am aware and can ensure it stays on. I am planning on having a family in the future and I really think this is the best choice for myself as well as them (whoever they may be). But I am really scared about getting it...just nervous, I want it to work, I want it to make it so I am not thinking about shots 24/7 or forgetting my long acting...

I did the same thing. Before starting on the Omnipod earlier this year I read as much as I could find on pumping in general and specifically the Omnipod. Greatest thing about complaints is that you find solutions too. Nothing's perfect, but interestingly, I've not had many of the issues that most of the complaints here and elsewhere are about. Very few problems at all. The few issues were fixable too. Pumping with the Omnipod has been easier than I expected.