What's your choice of exercise?


What exercises do you do to keep the pounds (ok…kilos in my case) off? Any favourite routines and tips to share? Share the love, guys! :wink:

I find that running has been instrumental in helping me lose weight. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise, moderate to high impact, relieves tension (for me anyways) and keeps my BGs under great control. It’s not particularly good for my joints, I hear, so I make sure I do some stretching and conditioning work too. I enjoy pilates which has NOT helped me to lose weight, but I find it good, mentally as I need to really concentrate - something I find very difficult to do! And it’s slowly training up my flexibility and strength, especially in my abs.

Swimming is something else I do regularly as it gives me a great cardio workout AND gets all the muscles in my body moving. Also helps control BGs reasonably well.


Hello, I’ve just joined this group, but have been losing weight since January of this year. Started at 255 lbs and weighed 232 lbs on Tuesday the 4th (Tuesday’s are my weigh-in days) I’ve found that I really enjoy turning on some old rock and roll, hip hop or disco music and just dance around the house like nobody’s business :0)…It is fun and it get my heart rate up. I found that walking everyday helps too , although I haven’t been as faithful for several weeks now, but maybe by joining this group I will get motivated again.


Lucky for me it’s finally hitting fall in Florida and it’s getting less hot and humid out! I’ve been trying to walk over my lunch breaks. I work at Fox Sports in a studio in the backlot of Universal Studios, so I try to walk through the parks at lunch. Works pretty well, although I have to bring a different shirt so I don’t get all gross for the rest of the day! Hopefully once I get a little more in shape I can take up running again - the weight just falls off when I do that!


Today I just realised the power of walking! I had to go to a nearby park to take photos for a school project, and so I walked there from my house, walked around as I took photos, had a quick water break and walked home. It took me total of 2 hours and my BG was just 4.1mmol when I got back (just slightly 2 hours after breakfast). I am going to try power-walking with my newly-acquired aerobic dumbbells soon, when the weather here clears up.