Pancakes and/or Waffles

When I was on NPH and regular I ate them regularly as I was clueless for the first 34 years of my diabetic life as to what a carb was.

I have a to die for receipe for homemade buttermilk waffles. Then a scoop of vanilla ice cream and of course the sugar free syrup, omg.

It has been about 5 years since I had a pancake or waffle, how about you?

If I ever had a waffle, it would have been as a kid. It has been a long time since I had pancakes. I don’t eat them often, but those are one of those special treat things. I like mine with peanut butter & syrup on.

I have them on occasion, but have to take so much insulin, it isn’t worth it. This comes from someone who had pancakes every Saturday for about 20 years, then I developed diabetes at the age of 28 and pancakes went the way of the dodo

I eat almond flour pancakes regularly & they’re only 1 carb each.

Pancakes–makes 6, 4" pancakes, 1 carb each

1 cup almond flour

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1/4 cup water (I use seltzer to make them puffier)

2 TBS oil

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla extract


Variations: add chopped pecans or walnuts & maple extract, or add banana extract. Omit vanilla & sweetener & use chopped, cooked vegetables for veggie pancakes.

A bit heavier than regular pancakes, but good.

I rarely go more than a couple days without whipping these up; they’ve become my comfort food.

Not as low-carb as other recipes, but they come out exactly like fluffy restaurant pancakes. It would perhaps be possible to adjust the ratios a bit/substitute other flours, but I’ve stuck to the recipe. And I’ve definitely considered trying waffles with this batter.

Too bad they don’t have less carbs because they look delish! I love her blog. Awesome desserts.

Agreed, her blog is incredible!

I’m going to give your pancakes a try tomorrow as I would like a lower-carb option and they sound lovely.

They’re not as fluffy, but at least you can eat a lot more. You could try subbing coconut flour for some of the almond flour, add a bit more liquid (some cream) & perhaps some baking soda instead of salt to lighten them up.

I have never liked syrup so it makes a little easier for me. Of course I’d never actually cook a pancake but if we go out for breakfast and my husband orders them, I’ll take half of one for a big treat. That’s about the extent I can handle without fear. But liking them dry or with a little butter makes it a lot easier than if I cared about syrup.

Ok, I’ll suggest a compromise recipe. I prepare these as a substitute for the potatoe pancakes called Latkes. They are a quite reasonable substitute for pancakes.

Cheese Latkes

1 15-ounce container ricotta cheese
4 eggs
6 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Butter and/or vegetable oil for frying (I clarify the butter and use a butter/oil mixture)

Mix cheese, eggs, flour, melted butter, sugar and vanilla in a food processor

In a heavy griddle, heat oil (or butter) and cook the latkes similar to how you would cook pancakes, usually about 4-5 minutes

The estimated carb content for the entire batch is 85g, about 35g of which comes from the flour. You could readily substitute for the flour and get it even lower, but as written, this ends up with about 10g carbs for 2-3 latkes. Also, you could substitute for the sugar, but actually I found that the sugar made a big difference in how well the latkes fried, becoming carmelized and forming a crispy crust, hence I keep the vile sugar. If you really want low carb, substitute almond meal for the flour and splenda for the sugar.

So, a stack of 2-3 latkes (10g net carbs), a scoop of Breyers Carb Smart Ice Cream (4 g net carbs) and some sugar free syrup. That is like 15 g. In my little twisted world that is only marginally bolusworthy.


those look way yummie

I’m sure you can find some recipes that are okay. I think I came across a protein pancake using ricotta or cottage cheese (and oats, other stuff) that looked okay; moderately lower carb. Our Type 1 only eats chocolate chip pancakes at this one restaurant in Cape Cod when we go on vacation. Sugars are never high, but usually low because of swimming at this time. She does not like our home made pancakes, nor does she like French toast. So, it’s a once a year treat. If she wanted pancakes, I would find a recipe somehow. Personally, I would just substitute French Toast for pancakes; to me it’s kind of the same taste once the syrup goes on. Sugar Free syrup, of course. And you could probably stick a few choc. chips down into the bread. :slight_smile:

I’m extremely allergic to eggs (to the point if you rub an egg shell on my skin I get hives), so the whole loss of pancake, cake, cookie, pie, brownie, fudge, bread thing never really hit me at dx. I guess I’m lucky in that regard.


Here’s a couple more pancake recipes, I like the second one best, it is lighter and fluffier.

1 cup almond flour
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup water (or seltzer to make them fluffier)
1/4 tsp salt
sweetener (omit if using for veggie pancakes)

Mix together & cook.

Makes six, 4’’ pancakes.
Each has 1 gram carbs, 2 grams fiber, 6 grams protein, 155 calories total.
If you use granular Splenda, the carb count will be higher.

and another

Better than the Boxed Stuff Homemade Low Carb Pancakes
No hidden carbs, great flavor, and a texture that is very close to the real thing.
The recipe below takes one egg and makes 2 pancakes. Double or triple it to make more.

2.5 tablespoons vanilla whey protein powder. I use Precision Engineered.
3/4 teaspoons baking powder
1 egg
1 teaspoon vegetable oil (I use sunflower)
1 tablespoon DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup, flavor of your choice. I use Vanilla, Caramel or English Toffee. (You can substitute 1 teaspoon Splenda with 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1/2 tablespoon water)
2 tablespoons water

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the egg, oil, Syrup or Splenda, and water. If batter is too thick to pour easily, add another tablespoon or two of water to thin out. Stir. Fry in a pan or griddle as you would regular pancakes. Turn when bubbles appear at edges.

Serve with Maple Grove Farms “Cozy Cottage” sugar free Maple Syrup, 1 gm sorbitol per tablespoon.

For two pancakes made with DaVinci syrup: 1 g carb 0 gm fiber.16 g protein. 14 g fat. 197 calories.

I would have to take $5 of insulin per pancake not worth it. You can but a really yummy steak for that kind of money.

Yes, you do have to choose your indulgences wisely, don’t you?

Aren’t you a bodybuilder!? That stinks! Egg whites are the staple of my diet lol