When bad things happen to good people

I am so sorry that I offended you when I
said that I didn’t think it was fair that I could possibly lose my leg due to diabetes. I was always told that if I took good care of myself this could not possibly happen to me. I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach with this diagnosis. I wasn’t judging any one else, I was saying that what I was told during my 65 yrs of living with this disease has turned out not to be true.

Since I now know that there are at least 4 people on this board, who have thought they might lose a limb or have lost a limb even though they had good control, what I had been taught about diabetes wasn’t true.

I know that life doesn’t play fair, that is not how life works. My husband has had cancer 5 times and our only child developed two serious disabilities in his youth that we have continually helped him with for 35 yrs. I didn’t ask why us when those things happened, I said why not us? That is how I will eventually come to think about this recent news about my health.

Again I am sorry that I offended you, I certainly didn’t mean to upset you or anyone else, that just isn’t my style.


Oh, I’m not offended or upset. But I can’t help but be an advocate for all diabetics even those for whom tight management isn’t happening for whatever reason.

I am sorry the medical community lied to you. There is no excuse for that especially nowadays when they know or should know more.

We all find ways to soothe ourselves when hurting. Mine is pretty silly - I think of it as my turn. Not lack of luck, or skill, or money, or bad genes. Just my turn to work through what life sent my way.

Wishing you well, @Marilyn6.


This is a very interesting discussion that transcends dealing with diabetes, and is starting explore how we, as individuals, cope with/manage life stressors. Some of us have more effective strategies than others, some of us have been luckier than others, and others still are in the throes of navigating a particularly troublesome diagnosis/event. I expect we all vary on a continuum of successful management, but I want to share my sincere appreciation for those who openly share their fragility. Because this is such a supportive community, we all come together for each other, and perhaps in this way, heal each other.


I 100% agree!! Everyone (even non-T1D people) have to deal with bad things that seem to have no rhyme or reason as to why. You will conquer this the same way you’ve conquered every other obstacle, big and small: by focusing your care and taking it one day at a time. Sending you BIG HUGS!! @Marilyn6 :heart: