When did you last update your TuAnalyze profile?

Has it been a while? We invite you to take a moment, go your TuAnalyze profile and update your most recent A1c values.

It helps us better understand the make-up of our community. To show you some of the things we know about the community through the data you've entered and the surveys you've answered on TuAnalyze we've enabled a new "view" of TuAnalyze on the home page, directly below the rotating banners:

Each time you visit (or refresh) the home page a new bit of knowledge about the community will appear above the orange button...

Thanks for the reminder! I think we lost some people in IL as I recalled a # bigger than what it was the last time I looked? Do people “drop off” if they don’t update it or something like that?

Hmm… odd. People are not dropped from the system if they haven’t updated their data.

Appears to be true , living proof …I am still here and have not updated …but I will soon …and I am not happy with my latest :frowning: ; knowing me I will persevere and "do better next time "

A1c values give us a point of reference to assess the past 60-90 days… we can always improve from there.

done deal …indeed next time will improve …thanks for the uplift :slight_smile: