When did your high BS start?

I had what I believe was implantation bleeding a couple of weeks ago. Right after I had it I had major lows for about a week, and then highs like I haven’t had in a really long time. The highs started about a week ago. I’ve never been insulin resistant, but I would guess this is what it feels like. I’m on a pump and I’ve had to turn my basals up to about 150%, if not more, especially at night. I woke up last Wednesday morning at 356…umm, what? I was 125 when I went to bed the night before and didn’t wake up at all that night. So unless I was sleep walking and ate something, I have no idea how that happened. I changed sites and opened a new bottle of insulin and still, I couldn’t get my sugars to come down. That’s when I changed everything in my pump. I had to change carb ratios and sensitivity and basals just to get it into a normal range.

So far, I haven’t had a positive pregnancy test, but it could still be too early for one. If I AM pregnant, I would be 4wks2days along. I usually am a little high in the 2-3 days leading up to a period starting, but never insulin resistant like this, and never for this long. This is definitely new.

I know that some of you had extreme highs in early pregnancy, so when did those start? And did you know you were pregnant when they started? Or was it just random and then you found out?

I had highs that started around week 4, in line with how i would run higher around my period, and then increased steadily to about a +60% basal till about week 8 when all of a sudden i started running really low. up until week 8, i also had to adjust my meal ratios by 1. whatever you do, make sure you make changes if you see a pattern of 2+ days. What i found, especially early on, is that my hormones were causing random highs which i would over adjust for too soon (when they weren’t consistent), and then cause myself to crash low, rebound high, and so on. you’re probably at the most frustrating stage of all of this, but it gets better and easier. good luck!

I waited for 3 days to make sure I wasn’t about to start my period (and after changing sites and insulin bottles) before I messed with basal rates and carb ratios. And I did it one by one until I had it all changed. I just wish I had a positive pregnancy test already so I could celebrate and know for sure that this is why my numbers are so high right now! definitely frustrating!

Started trending upwards right before I got a positive pregnancy test!

Any news?

Still negative pregnancy test, but still no period. I’m now a week late. I’ll wait one more week to take another test. Numbers are still high unless I keep everything turned up.

My blood sugars spiked up about the week of implantation. Of course, I had to wait about 2 weeks before I could test, but that’s how my last 2 pregnancies were. The 3 before were not that way. I can’t remember how my blood sugars were, but I didn’t know much about the affects of pregnancy on glucose levels like I do now.

Not pregnant. Boourns. Still no idea why my numbers have gone up so much lately thought.

Sorry to hear that Anna! Hoping for next cycle!