When Did Your Highs Start?

Hi everyone! I’m in week 12 and the past couple of days have been bringing more highs than normal, even when I eat foods with known carbs (so I know I’m not guessing wrong). I clearly need to change my I:C ratio, but I’m just curious to know if this seems early to be going high due to pregnancy?

I never really had the extreme lows of early pregnancy, just a little low before meals (usually 60s). But then, I have a Dexcom that has allowed me more easily head off lows that might have gotten worse.

Everyone is different. I was higher in the beginning then had lots of lows and decreased all my insulin needs from weeks 9-19. I am now in week 20 and my insulin needs are increasing.

During pregnancy you and your doctor should adjust your insulin according to your numbers. There is not a single pattern for when you should need more or less insulin. Some women never experience the pregnancy lows!

I, too, have been experiencing morning highs. I’m 15 weeks now. I’ve gone through 3 insulin shock comas at different times throughout the day. I’ve never had hypo unawareness before, but since this pregnancy (this is my second, first ended in m/c Oct 2010) I’ve not been able to sense my low BG until about 40 or 30. It’s now at the point where the past 3 days, if I eat any type of carbs in the morning, before noontime, then I will BG up to 300 and it won’t come back down.

The high BG really scares me because I know it hurts my baby, so I’d rather be much lower. So, I’ve decided to cut out carbs before noon and only do vegetables for breakfast. I hope this helps, but I won’t know until I’ve tried it for a few days.

I’m on NPH and Apidra. I was on Levemir (with an A1c of 6.8%), but endo took me off of it because the test study results aren’t back until 2012 regarding if Levemir will interfere with the baby’s growth hormone.

Good luck and I wish us all happy, healthy babies.

I read on one post that CGMs do not work when you are pregnant…are you still actively using your Dexcom with accurate readings on it?

I’m still using my Dexcom and it still works. I had one sensor act pretty wacky, but the rest have been as accurate as I would normally expect. It still helps me catch highs and lows before they get bad. I think I’d be testing constantly if I didn’t have it.

The one sucky thing is that it’s contraindicated with Tylenol (it causes false high readings), the only pain killer you’re really supposed to take in pregnancy. So you either deal with an ache, or you turn your Dexcom off for at least 6 hours.

Gotcha! What a relief, thanks for the reply!