When is it time to get a new pump?

Type 1, Dx’d 3 yo 6 mo ago, Pump for 3 yo 3 mo. I have the Animas One Touch Ping. My pump is okay but it often has malfunction issues (not dangerous but annoying.) I don’t have continuous glucose monitoring but I’m considering it.

When do I get a new pump? What’s the best site for comparison of products? My endo is not at all useful for this.

Thanks for any advice!

We are in a very close schedule with our pumps. I got my Ping in 1/11. I am assuming that I will consider a new pump when my warranty is up in 1/15. What sort of malfunction issues have you had with the Ping?

Hi Jax,

this organization has an excellent comparison...you can download it and see what's what ( BTW - if my pump often malfunctioned and was still under warranty I would request a replacement - even if it was just a refurbished one to the end of the warranty period):


Thanks, MegaMixx; I'll check that when I get there. I'm not particularly anxious over a new pump; this one works fine!

If you call Animas about your pump issues, they will send you a new one and you send them your old one. As long as it's still under warranty they will do this.
My insurances covers a new pump every five years and the warranty is about four or five years. I don't remember.

Medicare requires manufacturers to extend warranties to 4 years, and yes to my knowledge they do let you get a new one, the second the warranty is over. At least that is what happened to me with Medtronic. My warranty was up in December and I had a different one in December. Albeit it was remanufacutred. Needless to say the remanufactured one stopped working in 3 months and medtronic issued a brand new one at that time.