Pumps and Medicare

Hi all

I just got some good news I wanted to share (I'll also put this in the Animas group). I got my ping in January 2011 and so I will be out of warranty this coming January and due for a new Ping. However.....I started Medicare last November (I have Medicare plus my old insurance Anthem-full coverage). I have read on here about Medicare only allowing new pumps every 5 years so I was wondering which rule I came under.

I just got off the phone with Animas sales. They said that because I bought my Ping under my private insurance (pre-Medicare coverage) I will be eligible for one this coming January at the regular 4 years.

The second thing they told me that is good news is that since I will be on the Medicare rule of 5 years when I get my new pump in January, my warranty will also be five years. I had heard people on here say that the warranties were four years while Medicare only allows one every five. Which is not good! So, I now know that at least for Animas your warranty lasts five years when you are on Medicare.