When to add another doctor to the witch hunt

So, I'm having heart issues, but my endo can't figure out what's causing the symptoms. My husband wants me to go see a cardiologist, and while I agree that it's a good idea, I just have this feeling of dread of adding yet another doctor to my already growing list.

This is another doctor I have to get up to speed, to whom I have to explain my medication choices, to whom I will probably have to explain diabetes.

I'm giving my endo one more shot to make progress on finding a culprit before adding another doctor to this witch hunt. Does that sound reasonable?

I actually agree with your husband, Mocha. While we definitely have enough medical things and adding another doctor to the mix can be overwhelming; a cardiologist is best qualified to deal with cardiac issues which an endo is not. I have seen a cardiologist due to my arrhythmia issues and I had confidence when he told me that my issues were not dangerous because that is his area of expertise. It would be really nice if we could have one doc to handle everything, but sometimes that is neither possible nor ideal.

I know. I guess I was just hoping my line of reasoning wasn't total laziness. lol. Guess I have research to do tomorrow.

I'm sorry that you're having heart issues but I think you should see a cardiologist also. The way I try to look at it is that I'd rather have a cardiologist familiar with my case before I have anything major happen.

Let's see...I have primary care doc, endo, cardiologist, opthamologist/retina specialist, podiatrist, ENT, gyno, gastro, regular dentist, periodontist...oh my! That's 10! They do add up don't they! :) Funny thing is most of them I've added in the last 2 years. Things seem to be settling down a little for me lately though, thankfully.

I currently see my cardiologist every year. I am two years post heart attack and I will probably see him annually for the rest of my life which I hope means I'll see him lots of times. I would advise seeking out a cardiologist. Endos aren't trained in heart related issues.

In the recent past I've had a pcp, a cardiologist, and a gastroenterologist. My medical needs seem to come in clusters and then stabalize at least for awhile (such fun!). I moved last November and so far I've connected just to a pcp and an ophthalmologist. I definitely see a dentist coming into my life in a few months when I can actually pay for their services. I've only seen an endo one time. She confirmed what I'd figured out on my own that I was Type 1, not Type 2.

I recently moved, so I'm still hunting, but I found an endo and a gp. I need to add a dentist, eye doc, girly doc, and now a cardiologist. lol.

Before I went away to uni and got married, I had an endo, a gp, an obgyn, an internal medicine specialist, dentist, eye doc, therapist, and a cardiologist (who I only saw like twice and wasn't very interested in my case).

Man, they do add up quickly!