I did it!

I am an official omnipod user! =) It is a very exciting thing. Going from 35+ MDI to 3 pricks with the pod! We are having a little isssue with getting my blood sugar down in target range. But I assumed it would be like this due to the stress on my body with everything changing. And my educator started the basal rate a little low, as to not over due it. I am supposed to call her later and discuss on chaging the basal if my level still has not gone down. So we will see!

Update on basal rate: Went from 200s this AM to under 120 since 5pm. Educator lowered basal due to my level kept dropping even after eating. I got down to 65. So with the basal lowered and bedtime around the corner i should be set. If i can even call it bed time seeing how I have to do a 12/2/4/6am check during the night! So i don’t know how much sleep I will actually be getting. So we will see. But all in all it is so worth it. I am so excited that everything is panning out =) Well, hope everyone has a great night. “Sweet” dreams =D

First night on the omnipod went amazingly well. I hit a few lows through the night so my educator said the basal will probably have to go down again! Which is exciting! Before I would have to have changed the pod every 2 days. But since the basal keeps going down, I will be able to change it every 3 days! So far so good…here’s to the days ahead =)

Update 7/18/08
Doing so well on the omnipod! It has really changed how I view diabetes! =) Almost got a set in stone basal rate, but I am still hitting lows right before bed and needing a snack. But we are so close =) It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait for the upcoming days!

Good for you! I am not an Omnipod user but I am a pumper myself too. Since 2005 it’s only helped me control my BG numbers. Best of luck in your new pumping life!!