When to take Lantus?

Hello all,
First of all, I was diagnosed in September with type 1, shortly before my 30th birthday. I don’t have a diabetes care team. I just go to a health clinic where my doc only has limited knowledge of diabetes. So basically I am continuously experimenting on myself to see what works for me. I brought my A1C down from 14 at diagnosis to 6 last month so I seem to be doing alright. Ok…now to the point:

I am taking 20 units of Lantus at 10pm every night. My problem is that when I go to bed I have to make sure my BS is at least around 120 or I will go low during the night. Would it be better to take my dose in the morning? It seems to be lasting through all 24 hours so I don’t think I need to split my dose but I would like to avoid having to snack before bed if I am below 120-ish. Any advice? Thanks!

I think trying it in the morning may help. That way by the time you are hitting that low it’s time for a snack or lunch anyway!

I personally had to take it at night because I had horrible dawn phenomenon that was hard to battle. But I know a lot of people take it in the morning!

I use Lantus and take it in the morning. I haven’t had any problems yet. The info from Lantus says morning also. Info: me, dx’ed aug./08, in ICU, DKA, bs 672, a1c 13.2 and 52 years old.

i love eating a snack at bedtime (it’s delicious, and getting to have unbolused carbs once a day is a big psychological thing for me), but if it’s not for you it’s not for you. i honestly wouldn’t change much. you obviously need to watch out for severe lows, but 65 or 70 upon waking up is not a severe low and you can just have breakfast with a proportionally smaller bolus. i actually like waking up at 75 or so but i like having my bedtime snack more…

I had a horrible time with lantus and lows over night when I was working, it wasn’t uncommon to hit 45-55 range. Switching to mornings has helped dramatically. I still go low at times but its more do to the physical side of my job and to much fluid intake but the lows are staying in the 60s now which as Ultravires has said isn’t anything to panic about, I just get to eat a sandwich and not bolus.( OMG I can pretend to be normal for a few minutes lol)