When to use the cool packs when going out - Do you use them?

I am going on MDI and wondering if I need to purchase one of the pen cases that has the cool pack in them. Do you use them everyday, or just when you know you are going out in the heat for a time?

I personally have a pen pack and use it any time I think that the per may get over 86 degrees as the package says to keep it at room temp. I would rather be to cautious than to waste lots of money on the pens. This one is my personal choice
http://www.insulincase.com/Frio-Cooling-Wallets-by-Frio-P43.aspx just put in water and it works.

I have one and have so far only used it when traveling on vacation. I keep my extra insulin (Novolog & Lantus) in it so it doesn’t get to room temp and then transfer it to refrigeration when I arrive. It’s probably a good idea to use it if you think it might be subjected to high temps for extended period of time.That being said, I’ve been on MDI for probably 20 years, though and only got a frio pak last year!

SPICYSMOM. If you are talking about Frio Wallets, I do not - simply because I cannot afford them, but you can get some kit bags that have a wallet specifically for a mini ice block and that should suffice. Or, get the smallest flask that you can, soak some newspaper in water and put it in the refridgerator (not the freezer), wrap the pens up well so they do not bounce around and put them in the flask, alternatively put a cold pen or two into a small plastic box just big enough to accommodate them, wrap them in bubble wrap and put the lid on securely. This is only for really hot days. The pens need to be at room temperature to inject without the “ouch” and can go long periods without going off in normal circumstances.

I was looking at the Daily Organizer. It talks about space for syringes and a lancet pen. Does not mention actual insulin pen holders. I expect you can put the lancet pen where the syringe area is, and the pen where the lancet pen should go. Anyone use this case? I would be able to carry the meter and all in one case. In green - I am tired of black - Ha!

I’ve posted an insulin stability chart on my blog. This will help you determine whether you need one or not.


Having an icepack is very useful for scortching hot summer days, and your hanging out with friends. You don’t have to worry as much. The only thing I should tell you is, try to find a pack/bag that has long as cooling time as possible, because the hotter the weather, the less cooling capacity. For instance, 36 hours (that’s the most i’ve found), will last about 20-25 hours during the summer.

I have to caution you against using a frozen ice pack right next to your insulin. If insulin is subjected to freezing temperatures, it’s ruined. You have to protect it from extremes of heat and cold. This is why FRIO wallets are so useful. They can’t freeze the insulin, they just keep it cool. I made my own home made version since I couldn’t afford one.

If you use a soft gel cooling pack that is not frozen, just cooled in the fridge, its fine, (although its still not as effective as a FRIO wallet).

If you must use a frozen cold pack, put it on the opposite side of your bag, away from the insulin, so it cannot make the insulin cold enough to cause damage.

I prefer one of those hard sided insulated lunch bags which has a divider. You can put your frozen icepack and water on one side, and your lunch on the other, with your insulin kit wrapped in a kitchen towel on top of the sandwich. This keeps it cool but safe.

The nice thing about the FRIO is that it works constantly. You can use it for a week or two if you need to, which is great for travelling, but also very useful at home during heatwaves.

All you have to do is resoak it in water once or twice a day, depending on the humidity level of your local climate.

The absorbed water evaporates, which cools the insulin. Replace the water and it keeps on cooling. No need to worry about ice or refrigeration at all.

I use mine every summer during heat waves with no problem. Every day or two I add a teaspoon of isopropol alcohol to the water to help prevent mold from getting started in the crystals inside it. This is advised on the FRIO website.

how large of a case you need? that is the main question and the second is how much will you need to us it is the second. I live in south LA so some high temps even just on a 30 min drive to work where I have a frig but I decided that the 20.00 for the cost was better than the med loss cost.