Keeping Insulin Pens Cool

I’ve been using the Frio cases to keep my pens from getting too warm. It is usually 90°F here in Raleigh, NC. I’m not outside all that much during the work day, but I certainly was when I was walking around outside during my vacation. Then a friend pointed out that insulin in a pump is right next to the body, and can handle the higher temps.

So I’m wondering what others think about keeping insulin from getting too warm. What have your experiences been?

That’s an interesting question? I keep my pen in a backpack that I carry around with me. It’s always cool insude my home, office or the mall. Is the insulin in a pump designed to handle body heat? What about pumpers who give jogging or are outdoors in the summer?

I don’t use anything. My pens stay in their little roll up package thing together, and live in my handbag.

We’re in winter at the moment so it’s easy! I just have to make sure I don’t leave my handbag in front of the fireplace. In summer I keep my bag in the shade and never ever leave it behind in the car or any other enclosed space that could heat up.

We don’t often see temps as high as yours though… we’d only hit the 30s a few times mid-summer (that’s 30+ degrees c, or 86f.)

I have always kept Isabelle’s in an insulated bottle carrier that was left over from bottle days. I keep it with us at all times so it is outside when we are out (unless we are at the house) so it is in whatever temps we are. We live right outside of Atlanta and it has been over 100 for a few weeks. I figure if the insulin is where we are and we are ok then it is probably going to be ok too. Just my 2 cents.