When was the last time you had a complete Diabetic Eye Exam?

Today, I went to get my Diabetic Eye Exam!!! I was told by one of my Endo’s I should have one done at least once a year.
Besides me being blind as a bat, all is well. I don’t have any broken blood vessels and my retna’s (I know I mispelled) look good.
I wanted to know when was the last time you had a complete Diabetic Eye Exam or if you’ve ever had one???

I have a Diabetic Eye Exam every year in the fall. I’ve been keeping up with it for the past 8 years. I follow up with MD rather than the OD because I had some diabetic retinopathy in my past. Thankfully - my endocrinologist help corrected my sugars at the time so my eyes healed by themself but I figure it was better to keep having the Ophthalmologist check them out.

Ironically, I now work at an Eye Clinic. I am in the IT deptarment though - not the Healthcare side :slight_smile:

I go to my eye doctor yearly. I was just there 5 weeks ago and everything checked out. I wear contacts so I always have gone to my eye doctor on a regular basis, plus my insurance pays for it so definitely no reason not to have my eyes looked at.

Blondeswp it’s a good thing you took control of your diabetes:) it’s amazing how our bodies can heal itself
Steve- I hope the Dr was just seeing things…
david-I agree if it’s free why not:)

April of this year. I go yearly for them. 20/20 with no damage

I go twice a year… I’ve been getting a lot more floaters in the last few years. I read that floaters are one of the effects of diabetes. Eyes are very important… I recommend at least once per year.

Chuck Lin- what do you mean by floaters? I hope everything continue’s to check out ok. I don’t mean to pry but does your insurance cover twice a year??? just curious…

Cody-I wish I had 20/20…Good Job keep up the good work.

Flo-Everything will check out ok…Good luck:)

After being diagnosed with Proliferative Diabetic Retionpathy in 1999, several laser treatments in both eyes and two Vitrectomys (left eye 1999 - right eye 2000), I have a complete diabetic eye exam at my opthamologist (sp?) every six months. I’m due for an appt. next week.

Luckily, since I’ve had my problems in 1999/2000, my eye dr is very pleased with the stability of my eyes. Knock on wood!

Hi Cherise:

Okay then, I’m Glad all is Well. :smiley: I guess for the last 20 some years, I’ve usually had my Ophtho appointment twice a year except when they did all they fooling around because of my cataracts. I went 4-6 times.

I just had my appointment in June and he said that my eyes were looking Good. There’s nothing weird going on in the back, the pressure is Good, etc.

January. Because my mother has dry macular degeneration, and glaucoma, I’ve had retinal scans yearly for quite some timeeven though insurance won’t pay for that part…mine won’t pay for it when your diabetic either…but my eye dr sends a copy of the scan to my endo & PCP…I have a good team

my team includes my dentist—he (dentist) says everyones dentist should be an active part of their diabetic care team–I got so lucky with my existing medical team and their willingness to work together…

I had one just after I was offically diagnosed with LADA- which was last november. Amazingly, I get bugged about doing a fully dialated eye exam by virtually every doctor/nurse/PA I see for any reason- even the dentist!

I actually have excellent vision, and have really only been the the eye doc since I started with insulin- otherwise I would never have a reason to go.

I have had one every year since I was diagnosed. So far, all has been good! :slight_smile:

It is important for you to get this done yearly: it’s a mild inconvenience, if you come to think of it, having your pupils dilated and sitting in a waiting room for a couple of hours, compared to the benefit of knowing how one of your most important senses is doing.

Good thing I get a dilated eye exam annually, because my June visit revealed some macular edema, basically some lipid leakage from blood vessels near the center part of the retina that sees sharp detail. I’ve had very minor “background” retinopathy for years that hasn’t altered much, and the beginnings of an early cataract.

I’ll try to get to a scanner tomorrow and post the cool photos of my retinas. They look like glowing red planets with tiny little dots of evil yellow gunk–the leaky stuff that’s threatening my maculas.

Right now, my eye doctor and I see each other about every two months to monitor the condition. Surgery is in my future.

Anyone else had macular swelling? Thankfully, answers to questions like this aren’t considered TMI on this site! I’d love to hear your experiences. And, what rhymes with macular?

a couple of month’s ago.