When were you told a cure is coming?

I often hear people sharing that when they were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, their doctors sometimes (often) told them a rather specific time-frame for a cure - in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years....it surprises me, as I was never told anything of the sorts. "Diabetes is a life-long chronic disease, and that's that" was the message pretty much.

Maybe I did not have the most optimistic doctor...but I wonder what is worse - given hope for a cure that is not met, or not being told anything at all?

What did your doctor say when you were diagnosed?

I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old (27 years ago) and I seem to remember hearing the doctor tell my mother that a cure was right around the corner.

26 years ago, 10 minutes after I was diagnosed, I was told there would be a cure in 5 to 10 years.

I was diagnosed in 1973 and my Dr then told me that a cure would be in the next 5 years. I kinda think he missed it. 39 years and counting. When my daughter was diagnosed in 1999 that's when I finally heard from her dr that it was a life long disease that no "cure" was on the horizon.

The 10 year mantra sounds familiar to me.

I did not get the cure promise, I got the worse case scenario lecture. I gave up on "cure" more than 30 years ago when I realized the cure was not going to happen in my lifetime and the folks who claim a cure is on the way are just looking for money/support for their effort. We have had some pretty amazing advances in management, though.

Until the cause of my own condition - T1 autoimmune is identified...a cure will not happen.

I was diagnosed 16 years ago and I recall the pediatric endo telling my mother that any day now there would be a cure. I don't know that he truly believed it based on the research at that time, or if it was a sort of standard comment to lessen the blow. I'd long forgotten the statement until I read it a few times when I joined Tudiabetes and I thought to myself, "Hey, that's what my doc said". Oh well, we can always hope.

I had the 5 year promise when I was diagnosed in 1987. I have gotten that same promise 1000 times since then , It is to the point I tell a new doctor that I am seeing, " Please don't tell me the 5 year LIE "

The best we can hope for in 5 years is better or easier control.

I've never heard anything about a cure from doctors or, really, anywhere besides diabetes oriented message boards?

Whether it is today or 50 years ago:

5 to 10 years till the cure for diabetes.

5 to 10 years till cheap clean fusion power.

5 to 10 years till hover cars.

5 to 10 years till jet pants.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago and was told there would be a cure in 10 years back then. Looks like (according to my first endo at least) 2012 will be a really big year for all of us then! HAHAHA.

When the DCCT came out I was told that it was just a matter of time.

When the Edmonton Protocol was announced (islet transplantation) I was told a year or two.

When the Minimed Paradigm came out, I was told it was a matter if time until it would be soon when it would be an automated closed loop system (just a matter of software).

{toe tapping (while I can still feel them) and lots of cricket chirping...}

So true! And on those same boards we can even find claims from folks who ARE cured!!

There are lots of places working on a cure, and they are happy to take your money. I am going to put my money toward those jet pants Tim mentioned :)

I was 4yrs old when I was Dx that was in 1990, I've had 3 Dr's total (endo's to be exact) not one has ever told me the cure is right around or anything of that sort..

This post really kind of makes me sad. I hadn't thought about it in a long time. I was DXed in 1972, when I was three years old, so I of course don't remember, but my mother later told me, rather bitterly, that the doctors had told her there would be a cure in 5 years. And then as I was seeing doctors throughout my life, I had this thought in my head that it would be in the next 5, so they must have told me that too. When I reached adulthood I was upset to realize how many 5-year periods had passed (8 at current count) and I sort of quit thinking about it all together. Why do you think this is the mantra? Did they believe it, or were they just trying to make us feel better?

Really, still five to ten on those jet pants? But I've been saving up my nickels. So want a pair....

I was diagnosed in 1968. The doctors told my parents my life expectancy was 20 years. I have outlived four endocrinologists and I completed a marathon last year. So much for their predictions. Doctors also make predictions on cure dates so that parents have some sort of hope. In 1968, The prediction for a cure was 5 years.

I was diagnosed since i was 6 years old, now I'm 24 but i never heard that diabetes can be cured, yes it can be controlled but that's it. Lifestyle change is sort of a cure but that's change we need to do to accept the situation.
My doctor never told me that, she even told me that i would have my insulin for life. From then on, i learned to love syringes and lancets :)

I agree. I think research towards a cure is a good thing, but so is the progress in treating diabetes that makes us lucky to live in 2012, not 1912. Nobody ever told me a cure would be here in 5 years, or 10, though it would be nice if it were. I was older when diagnosed. If my great niece who is 4, was diagnosed today I might think she would see a cure in her lifetime, but I'd also help her to look at things exactly like Jastine did and learn to have a good life despite D.

Same here. I was given 5 yrs. which was in 1995. They obviously got that one wrong. I agree though that it is easier to be told just to "deal" with it instead of being lied to about a "cure". Many younger diabetics wait for the announcement and get very disappointed when it doesn't come.