When will TuDiabetes reach 1,000 members?

I am thinking September it’s going to happen, but it could be earlier if we all make a point of reaching out and inviting people who can benefit from being a member of the community.

Maybe you can add a badge to your blog or myspace page, or a link on your web site or on other communities you may be active in.

Maybe you can send out an invite from the menu at the top or a good ole e-mail, to someone who can use being a member.

Maybe you can print a handful of copies of the TuDiabetes flyer and post it on bulletin boards.

Maybe you can tell your endo… you get the picture. :slight_smile:

So when do you guys think we will reach 1,000 members?

P.S. Do I hear anybody up for a TuDiabetes bumber sticker? We only ordered a handful from the TuDiabetes online store but if you promise to put it on your car, we can get one to you. If you are interested, pls send me a private message.

Im thinking middle of september. I know I added a banner to my new blog, so that might help and I most likely will tell people at my internship at the ADA.

THX, Sarah!

BTW, I just wanted to clarify that the bumper sticker was something I was offering for free.

I now say September… unless something miraculous happens before the end of the month! :slight_smile:

What is the prize if we guess the exact date? We should all guess a date, and if you chose the same date as someone else you need a date and time. :slight_smile:

How about the prize being the bumper sticker, and then if we win we will check with our spouses if they will allow that on the car. :slight_smile: You know how guys are and their cars. :wink:

Hey! I have one on my car.

YOU ARE ON! Whoever guesses the exact date we reach 1,000 members will win a bumper sticker. Entries will not be received after we pass member 950. Sounds fair? :)

Well, I’d say 10-01 but I"d never win a bumper sticker with that guess. So, I’ll guess 9-11.

I’m going with 9-18 because today marks my 9 year, 7 month & 4 day anniversary of living with diabetes. So then I figured that 9-7 was too early, take the number of days (3,503), add all the numbers together and you get 11 (3+5+0+3). Add 11 days to 9-7 and you get 9-18. Nothing scientific about it all.

Manny, I’m doing my best this side of the pond. Count on it.


I am going to extend the deadline to guess when we will get to 1,000 members. We will lock things when we pass 960 members. As of now, we’re at 950 so perhaps tomorrow will be the last chance to guess.

To make things more exciting, I will say there’s going to be a couple more surprises up, in case there’s more than one person who guesses… Do I hear any more guesses???

Manny I know it’s in September now like the 21st but I think you’ll see it before the weekend is over!!! Your a great insperation to all of us out here!!! To guess a date I will say the 22nd!!!

Hey Manny,
You made it to 1000 last night!!! I found it this morning when I woke up!!! Congrads!!!

Wowe - it happened! Yay! GO MANNY!

Way to go mi amigo! Now on to the next milestone. Nothing can stop us now…

Yup, you’re there!!! WOO HOO! Congrats :smiley:

So, it seems the closest guess came from Karen!

I will contact you via e-mail to go about sending you your prize.

In the meantime, I leave you all with the video podcast corresponding to this week, celebrating our 1,000 members with a special guest that comes back AND inviting everyone who hasn’t done it yet to participate in the “Word in Your Hand” project.

Thanks Manny for your great website.

I got the bumper sticker today.

Thanks Manny. Will post a picture once it is displayed. :slight_smile: