4,000 Members: Your Favorite TuDiabetes Memories!

When do you guys think we’ll hit 4,000 members?

What is your fondest or strongest TuDiabetes memory? Were you around when we were only a handful of members?

Do you remember Scott Johnson’s blog post saying we were like “MySpace on Insulin”? How about this discussion when we were doing a pumpers roll call?

Or perhaps you joined around the time we did Word In Your Hand, last year? (We will be doing another Word In Your Hand contest during September.)

Maybe you joined earlier this year, looking for information on the Omnipod, CGM or, simply, looking to share with other people touched by diabetes…

I particularly remember very strongly the day we learned about Kyla Maldonado’s passing.

Whatever you remember, reaching 4,000 members is a moment to stop and relive some of those moments and think of the future…

So, what memories do you have of your time since you joined TuDiabetes?

September,the elevn,so this black horrible day will be wiped from our memory,and we can have great news to celebrate in our wonderful family here.What about inviting Phil Riedly to join us?

I think we will get to 4,000 members WAY before then… I think we’re talking hours now. :slight_smile:

How in few weeks I feel I do belong here.

I remember the first time that I wrote a question… and within minutes, I had answers, advice, support! Since that moment, I look at my diabetes completely differently-- knowing that I am NOT ALONE! I’m so glad that 4,000 people no longer have to feel alone!

Here is an old discussion where some members reflected on what they love about TuDiabetes:
TuDiabetes is a place where…

Yes we will reach 400, and yes I was here when we only had a handfull of members! I more than remember Scotts blog! My favorite memory is when I first joined, all the friends request I got! Manny you’ve created a great place for us and I thank you very much!!!

Kyla’s passing I can remember that too. Her bf I think came online and told all of us about it and I cryed and vowed to do better!!!

One of the biggest laughs I ever got was when Dino replied to the discussion “how often do you change your lancet?” here

Sorry about that…4000!!!

I think we are talking by Sunday having 4,000. I was looking yesterday and am so proud to say I’ve been a member almost from the beginning. I think this site is such a blessing!
Thanks Manny.

In an hour :slight_smile: and I think I have been here from about the beginning.


I remember taking the picture of the 100 reading on my glucose meter, sending it to you so that you could post it on the website, to mark us reaching the 100th member.

CONGRATULATION MANNY and our great community.Member 4000 landed on our magic land,and I was up ( Sunday morning Riyadh time) to be first to welcome her.It was my wish when went to bed!

To laugh is to live :slight_smile: …I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Congradulations Manny!!! I have only been a part of the family a few months, but it is the BEST website I have been. I come here as often as possible. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

WooHoo we as a community have done it. I am so happy for all here that have made it happen,I cant wait for the next 4000. Look out web world here we come.

Hoorah! We should all celebrate by greeting a “old” member who hasn’t been online in a while… let them know how our community is growing and how we would love to hear how they are doing!!! 4,000 strong and growing :slight_smile:

Yes, to laugh it to live :slight_smile: Here’s ANOTHER time that Dino had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

I have only been a member since MAY! I have grown so much! I remember logging on for the first time and I saw the post about Kyla’s passing, I didn’t know her but I was touched and felt like I knew her through diabetes.
I have learned so much from Tudiabetes! To define a moment…I couldn’t because I would be robbing the community. I think joining Tudiabetes was and still is a defining moment to me.
Manny- you should create Tudiabetes Anonymous because I am addicted…lol

There you go!!! That rocked!

That is a GREAT idea, Kristin!!