When your

When your trying to be positive but every step you take hurts.
When your trying to live up to Yolo moments but it will haunt you tomorrow.
When you appreciate simple tasks are difficult but you carry on.
When you make the most of the few hours of sleep you get. When your unsure if food is a friend or a foe.
When your flooded with emotions but keep it concealed.
When everything takes a lot of effort but others don’t get it.
When you try and finish tasks before your to exhausted.
When your involved but invisible.
When mood swings are the norm.
When you make finger pricks and injections look like it’s painless.
When you don’t have fear around blood.
When you feel like an alien from outer space with your unusual language, different equipment and confusing ways.
That’s when you know your a type 1 diabetic.


Beautifully written, my friend…Thanks…

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