Where are all the type 1 support groups?

I spent the evening at our first omnipod info session at our facility in Pasadena and it was so great to see people with type 1 talk about life living with type 1 in a positive way, laughing as well as being informed through each others experience. Made me think why there is not any get togethers for type 1? There sure seems like a need.

yay type 1s!

I’ve heard the same thing!!! (and I agree!). Many people have noticed support groups for kids, ones for older (chronological physical age) T 2’s, but not for T 1’s in the working age group—25’s-55’s (or so) age group!!! That’s why I keep trying to get meet-ups going in the L.A. area (see Southern California Group/discussion area…), although I invite all Types of diabetics to meet. Maybe as time goes by, more people will come and join in with all the talk and laughter… Rebecca [:smiley:

You read my mind! I am an Adult recently dx T1 and can only find stuff for kids! Grrr…thinking I will have to start a meet up here in Den too. (I know I sometimes feel like the only one but surly I’m not!) Please post again if you find a resource that might apply nationally. In the mean time check meetup.com for your area, maybe there is a group in your area?

I don’t know about your area, but my local diabetes center hosts three groups, an adult diabetes support group, an insulin pump support group and a type 1 group. If you are willing to travel a bit, there is a wide portfolio of support groups in the LA area (http://www.elviradarknight.com/diabetes/supportgroupscaliforniasouth.html). In most cases, any diabetes center would love to host a support group, but they are best when they are run “by” and “for” their members.

I totally feel the same way! I’m recently diagnosed and live in South Tx. and when I tried looking for a group or event of some sort for diabetics. they were available only for 12-16. I just felt hopeless. Now I’m trying to start my own or at least start fundraising to get people aware of other diabetics.(crosses fingers) I hope you find one though.

I did find one group working on this matter–adults who are diagnosed with Type One. It’s the JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I joined it and I noticed a special package made just for adults who are diagnosed as T 1, since there is more material for kids, etc. Check them out. Hope it helps as well as the meet-ups you have worked on since we al wrote this back in April!! {;D

I’m trying to start a support group for type 1 diabetic women in the SF East Bay. I agree, it is wonderful to meet with people who know how you feel and what you are experiencing!

Hi Zoe: Count me in! Melitta

I help run a support group in my area. I found a booklet on how to start a support group that was helpful. I’ve posted it before, but it seems worth posting again (www.diabetesinmichigan.org/PDF/General/SGBooklet.pdf).

Hello I am a Type 2 in the VALLEY…

Do you know about meetup.com? I know there are a few Type 1 groups on meetup.com. You can also make your own group for the Pasadena area with meetup.com

I would love to find a Type 1 group in the SE Michigan area. The only meeting around here is geared towards Type 2’s. I’m gonna go check on the meetup.com site now! Thanks for the info Christalyn.

No luck on meetup.com. I even searched the Ann Arbor, Toledo areas.

That is interesting…

It has been my experience that most Diabetic meetups are for Type 1’s…I even tried to join a Type 1 group because I just wanted to be around other diabetics and was refused because I wasn’t special enough. Of course this pissed me off to no end and had a very short discourse with the creator of the group who tried to explain how the presence of a Type 2 would disrupt the inner sanctum of the group. I thought groups were suppose to be about supporting each other…

Good Luck!


CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP!! I HAVE! Everytime I try to get it moving I run into a health issue but create your own group on meetup…Why wait for somebody else. There are people in need everywhere.

I would just ask that you make it a DIABETIC GROUP and not just TYPE 1 Group. Nobody gets a gold star for being a TYPE 1 vs a Type 2…

I would be more than happy to help with this!!!

I looked a little bit about doing this and there is a monthly subscription fee of at least $12 a month. If it wasn’t for that I would start a diabetes group.

In NYC, Beth Israel Hospital has a T1 group on every SECOND Tuesday of every month.

I started a group sponsored by the JDRF, Liz. No fee for that.