Type 1 Meetups in Toronto

Hi all, new to this site, and really looking forward to meeting others in the community; I’ve been a Type I Diabetic since 1992 and have only ever known two other people with T1 in my entire life. I moved to Toronto, ON not too long ago and am hoping to find Meetups or other groups to meet and hang out with other Type 1ers. Does anyone happen to know of any groups like that? Would appreciate it.

I would look up Michelle Lord on Instagram and Youtube. She is in Toronto and sometimes holds meetups or would probably know when one was being held. Also I believe Beyond Type One also has a function where you can set up your own meetup and they will assist you.

Try this: Nov 16th

I googled it. https://www.meetup.com/Let-s-Talk-T1D/

Thank you all for your replies; I will definitely look into Michelle Lord and the No Limits with T1D Toronto event.

@mohe0001 yes I was also able to Google that but their last event was in January or February of last year so it doesn’t look like they are still active.

Again, appreciate the replies, will also def consider starting my own group on Beyond Type One if all else fails.

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I’m not super far from Toronto. If I ever get my passport renewed, I’ll come to your group. I’ve always wanted to go there.